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  1. I hated Mister Burke from fallout 3 and that @$$ Vulpes Inculta. I killed him and his gang before he left nipton. Never regretted that decision.
  2. It perfectly works with the space magic lore of this game.
  3. Dam I thought this was gonna be one of those psychological debates here.
  4. Warframe: Excalibur ( the only one i had) Primary: MK1-braton (rainbow build ftw) Secondary: lato, aklato, and lex Melee: daul ethers Sentinel: Shade
  5. or when you could build a moa army in infested corpus defense. shocking powerful against the host.
  6. I want a bounce house in the dojo and a refueling station like in space balls the movie (complete with diner).
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