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  1. pretty much what @Crashen said. I think ballas and marg met. Then, he reinforced the connection between them. Later on, they started to have feelings for each other. Full blown love ensues. ( I would love if ballas' class can't have any lovers of any type at all for appearance sake) They can not consummate due to some unknown thing. Plan to expand begins or is underway. Zemermin is lost and found. Marg uses her and her huby's power to prolong tenno lives while he was afraid it will be the end of her. Then her time came and maybe convinced him to protect the children by any means. He iced them and later brought them back with the research that marg has done for the "glory" of the orokin. By this I suspect that he is a smoldering of his former self with a grudge to the orokin. Space mom takes appearance of marg to seduce or whatever to let her on the warframe project. He loved her or at least the image of the dead lover. She is plotting the downfall he has either become aware or knows of it; decides to help her. The tenno went on a slaughter with him taking precautions to not be dead and watch the world burn.

    That is it for what I have in my mind and please excuse my possibly broken sentences. I skip steps as I do not want to elaborate and try to get my main idea / time line across.

  2. I would like to visit a grineer and corpus city that sell "local" items that can only be obtain from that city in that is in a particular planet roaming as my operator with hooded cloak to not be notice or something. Also the x mas be expanded to include all of orbiter instead of the navigation area and finally I want my chairs that I can sit in.

  3. I got mine behind the radio/ snowman very far back to where I would have not notice him if I was not actively looking for him.

    queue the ghost hunters' theme.

    Has anyone got him in the infested room yet?

    I would think it would be neat if he shows up sitting in the chair waiting to get "operated" maybe as a hint to the next quest or what happened in the past.

  4. For mine, I think I will go booben prime. The way he looks, except for codpiece, is probably the closest thing to a soldier/"grounded" looking frame from my point of view. I also will be putting either lanka or tigris p with vasto/lex p while my melee is the french rapier. My other frames are proto excali and frost p.

  5. Intresting idea, maybe that is one way why he is a "low" guardian compared to the other "higher" ones the tenno. He maybe one of the side projects of the main tenno project which would be what would happen if we either take the most loyalist soldier and stuff his mind into a frame or bred one and do the same thing. Another thing that could be possible is that the stalker could have gone mad when his original body was damaged beyond repair/ was tested to see what happens if a tenno or person was stuck in the warframe for eternity as a possible route after the encounter of the scientist that stuff herself in a rock as the person said above me.

    Also for the sentient point is that a saying is, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." I think he is aware of what they are, but they were defeated by his glorious masters and that they already or mostly had their punishment dished out to them while the tenno remains free of said punishment. The other thing is that is just plain blind revenge which he will use anything to exact revenge on the tenno. A way to view would be that the ends justify the means to appropriate the requirements that are needed to fulfill the conditions for the task at hand.

    Anyways enough of my rambling, but very interesting points and ideas that both of you have brought up.

  6. I really wish/hope DE will make a highlight drag and drop that would allow us to move our "art" throughout the ship so that we don't have to take it apart piece by piece to move it into another area. IE: I made a somewhat chandelier like item out of the excess that is the sculptures and want to move it into my little man's room, but too lazy to take apart and put it together again.

    Edit: very nice droid by the way. I still can't make a robot and all like that yet.

  7. my first weapon I forma'd I think three times was my mk-1 braton when we could still do the rainbow build and pericing hit was damage that was added to your regular damage but armor did not affect that damage. So it was pure damage to the target. Or I could be wrong and forma came out after damage 2.0 but I doubt it. My second one/recent has to be my fav gun, the lanka. I got 3 or 4 riven mods with a somewhat decent stat on all of them. One had crit damage flight speed and increase status or duration, second was the one I have now is +200% crit, +100% multishot, and -60 or 70% recoil the others I do not remember. So with that mod on I can crit all the time with every shot shooting a potential 2-3 rounds and a red crit every other shot. Also what is a good ele against corpus and grineer? Found out that the little corpus sniper rollers are immune to corrosive damage and currently have blast and electric on, though I use to have pure corrosive on.

    Edit: Sold my mk1 since i needed the slot at the time. Debating on whether or not if I should get it back. Is it viable for sorties after heavy investment?

  8. Um, I think he/she is telling us about the history behind the category that the weapon, spira, belonged in and reasoning that most warriors will falter when using the said weapons as a last resort as it has the power to kill a man within a shot or two from what I gathered. From my point of view, the closest saying is violence begets violence and only when you stop a solution can be formed along with if a person who the power to kill should they decide other people's fate if its really under the name of justice; kinda like how there is more gray than black and white in the world. I am think I am completely missing the mark. The last thing I would like to say it seems op explaining that it might be awkward seeing a weapon belonging to the anchi category being the first prime released to them due to the history behind it.

    Either way, I thank the op for giving an insightful history behind the weapon's category and some of the story's that are associated with it.

  9. 19 hours ago, Hemmo67 said:

    thumpers? O_o

    That would be a dune reference. He who controls the spice controls the universe.

    I think it would be nice to have a raid the vault of kuva or refining plant within the fortress that has raw kuva and refined kuva. raw is normal while refined would give more kuva. I think it would be need to have a timer similar to the reg kuva. Maybe have it at least be available every time the fortress visit two planets with it being either open during the second planet or once it leaves the second planet to make sure it has managed to stock up on kuva.

  10. The Sentient broke off its arm when it met John Prodman's gaze to hopefully be forgiven for the intrusion. It did not wish to fight a battle which could not be fought at all.

    On topic: I always thought that the warframes were some what aware. As some people before stated with the Rhino's lore, that "monster" is most likely a prototype for the Rhino frame. The frames we have now are the final finished products. The Orokin could have left the warframe with some of its intelligence intact to allow a backup system that gets rid of whatever is interfering with the main system. I think the orokin did whatever to make ordis obedient and forget his memory, applied it in some shape and form to the warframe to where it would be subservient to the operator. Though, I think it would become the main system if it is left alone for a long time allowing it to grow its intelligence.

    In the trailer, I think the frame itself took the main controls while the signal was being blocked and activated val's ulti as a fail safe mechanism to allow the main system,operator, back online. Basically it "woke up" when the transference signal was being blocked or hindered to a severe degree that one of its primary functions was to protect itself and/or get the signal back online which was done by activating Val's ult as she is immune while that ability is activated.

  11. I think he should get an adaptive pelt along with the current change of elemental by energy color or be select-able. The pelt would work like the sentient resist damage type after x amount of damage with maybe two resist types, but the pelt will be a water down version as to not make anything severely over powered at least is what I think. Also, when chroma goes does his sentry pelt thing, the adaptive pelt passive is disabled until the sentry mode ends and he gets his pelt back on. He also keeps whatever resist damage type he had before sentry mode.

    Another passive I can think, would be the ability to swap elemental during missions by lets say hold one and it cycles through your appearance tab with an effect of the current energy color lightly covering his whole body and slowly change or just change into the next energy color in the appearance tab IE A -> B -> C -> A so on so forth. One downside I can think of would be if someone was trying to match everything they have for the mission. Ohh, I just thought up of how you know there is that fire burnt skin glitch that frames get from getting burn from time to time? Well, Chroma uses that along with his current energy color where the energy color starts "seeping" out of him and his "skin" becomes more crisp until he gets that burnt skin glitch look and the color changes at the peak. After that the burnt skin look can either fade with the new color or falls of like you would blow in the ash in the fireplace off of his body to reveal his new appearance.

  12. It would be very nice since I really loved the old burston rifle. The new one looks like an image that got its width squeezed in which looks really uncomfortable to wield. I would probably buy the legacy skin pack/single skin. I also liked the idea that all the primes besides having a tenno counter part; it also had other factions coping ie corpus with braton from braton prime. It gives the ability to see possibly other weapons from factions get prime with respective to their lore. (More hybrid orokin/grineer weapons, primed lanka, supra, prod stick aka the golden prod.) All in all I like the new remastered versions, but wish DE let us use the old skins or possibly have the mk-1 variant use the old braton while the reg one uses the tenno version while still allowing that one to use the old braton skin or something.

  13. Fun fact, When the buzlok was still somewhat glitchy, the bullets would go, but the model would stay behind as you would see in the video here. The bullets actually were colored to your color scheme when that glitched happened to me.

    Off topic: Also that would be a neat weapon where it has no momentum and is suspended in the air. I wonder how would that be made to be useful. I could see a get over here and drag an opponent through a huge wall of bullets or whatever type of ammunition.

  14. Well dam. I liked the current braton model. Also too join in on the corpus conservation, I think it is not contradictory that the corpus made a bullet base weapon since they can sell it for the "lower" class while dangling exotic weapons in front of them as a way of mimicking the orokin as being a jerk to the rest of the populace. If they are going to retire the old braton model hopefully they give a lore explanation as to why the corpus is shelving one of their most used/bought low grade weapons used by betrayers and the "lower" class. I liked that the corpus tried to copy the orokin weapons and with that piece I still hope for a Lanka Prime since any of their weapons can be simply copied from the orokin's arsenal.

  15. Funny thing happened I got three lanka mods two of them good in my opinion. The first one was a +speed flight, +crit damage, +stat duration. Next one is +crit chance, +multishot and a - i think. The second I have is on my lanka now since it gives 200% crit and 110% multi I think. Add the other multi shot mod and I get 3 plasma for the price of one. Also with the crit chance I have 112.5% crit chance or so. Now I wish the negative was a - zoom level so that I can scope to the "12" range and use that + 50% crit chance to bring it up to 162%.

  16. To Hyper, My train of thought would be that the primed warframes were very few if not one of a kind at the time in the warframe program infancy. Maybe one reason why the primes were the original could be that were the taste of the people in charge and they needed something to stand out and give a morale boost. After the warframe program started to get going show results and battle being won, the orokin probably started to kidnap more and/ or used war orphans to swell the tenno numbers. The orokin then decided that only the most loyal or proved tenno could "wear" the primes and told the tenno to go build stuff of their own with some jump start resources that the tenno collected. Another way to look at was that there are actually prototypes before the primes and regulars. The primes could have been ordered first since the people funding it were most likely the orokin and they told that either the regs have to be inferior than the primes to "show" that the orokin are number 1 or the means to achieve the theoretical results could have been orokin exclusive. ( I pull this from Odonata Prime little info bit which is, " This enhanced version of the first Archwing prototype takes the design to its theoretical limits. ") I interpret this info as the orokin has some technology that is strictly theirs and would kill anyone besides the special individuals should they learn of technology.

    Edit: Back on topic, that would be a dozy for me to guess/imagine. I think the would have him with the white tree bits and some gold maybe. As other said he probably have more of a sleek cold and gold look and maybe the tendrils will be the white tree like substance. A golden garden with mini maws would be neat to look at. Would be more epic if the grass follow your color scheme besides energy color.

  17. Yeah, happened to me too. I think there might be some bug with his AI. I think he still does the leave animation but along the lines some code must have been left out or changed and let him attack after he knelt for a short while instead of neeling for the full duration until he goes poof like when someone passes gas and dissipates.

  18. 38 minutes ago, NeithanDiniem said:

    Id find a way to meditate and move at the same time so I could hover-butt myself around the relays, laughing at all that have to walk.

    so like the loki in this lovely video?




    I would probably have fun going around earth and just finding different hiding spots in the grass. Metal gear solid anyone?

    Edit: how do I make spoiler so that it only encompass the [.spoiler] insert item here [./spoiler] instead of the rest of my post?

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