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  1. Seriously still no Gauss changes? He feels extremely awkward to play in non-open world missions. He's extremely janky and the slash procs from his 2 are extremely inconsistent. Make his 1 deal damage when directly hitting an enemy. His concept and design are great, but his kit is poorly executed.
  2. This is kind of the best #*!%ing thing ever?
  3. What's going on with the Wukong Deluxe? On the impromptu Wukong rework stream Reb and Pblo said that there was a "40% chance of the Deluxe releasing with the rework" which led some to believe that the skin was either done or very nearly done. When could we expect to get our hands on it?
  4. A lot of the augments shouldn't even be augments, they just need to be incorporated into the power.
  5. Seriously, where's the Wukong deluxe at?
  6. Where's the Wukong Deluxe? you guys said it was close to being done when the rework came out.
  7. Gotta offset the hype tennocon built somehow. Why not some Nerfs!
  8. Where's the Wukong deluxe? I love the rework but I can't stand his ugly as sin design.
  9. I'm assuming it has something to do with his passive.
  10. Still no fix for Nezha's melee combos. I'm a Nezha main and it feels like hot garbage.
  11. Still no fix for Nezha's melee combos
  12. Still no fix for Nezha's melee combos. He's my favorite frame but this makes him feel awkward and unusable.
  13. No fix for Nezha's melee combos
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