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  1. or just remove friendship doors from railjack.. they were going to do that supposedly yet here we are with fkn friendship LEVELS
  2. Community: we are bored of doing the same stuff all over again, all the time Warframe: Has space ships Devs: Put the same old stuff that weve been doing for years, into the space stuff WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS TO US, you have a whole system for space combat, yet you turn even that into a fn defense mission!! Missions are too long, have nothing to do with the railjack (it has now become a glorified taxi) and offers almost no rewards. Arcanes are a joke, an absolute joke, it really feels like you guys are spitting on us at this point.. You promised an alterna
  3. This S#&$ is still happening, DE stop releasing content for a month or two and just dedicate yourselves to fixing all that is broken! @[DE]Rebecca I had to spend half an hour babysitting a clan mate so he could fish for parts, he got stuck more than 10 times in that half hour and I was there just to bring enemies to him so he could die or just teleport him to them (using nova)... The amount of game breaking bugs that still plague this game, even after years is unbearable and DE needs to pay more attention to that.
  4. I agree (even though I did afk a couple times that there really wasnt anything I could do) but there is no easy fix because the pilot holds a lot more strength than the rest of the ship, well piloted and with a tether, the rest of the crew is worthless except to fire the BFG or go inside asteroids and ships. But we cant have pilot nerfed because that would make solo RJ not possible (unless the implementation of the command intrinsics is good, which considering how specters behave in the game, I doubt massively). So what could be done to make AFK not possible? or at least not so good?
  5. Oh, first time I ran it I used staticor to permanently have them fighting each other while weakening them equinox and was kinda fun, but your way sounds boring as hell xD
  6. Now THAT is an argument.. But you did misunderstand me, I'm not saying that you should choose not to use something, I'm saying that every player makes choices that make the game harder or "easier" in their own way.. I made the choice a long time ago to be a solo player, that made the game "harder" in the way that hard works in this game, as in "longer" because, be real here, dying in this game is not easy or common... Have you EVER lost a match? Not a bugged one, not a spy one when someone else messed up in that sortie.. I mean one of the common run missions ,have you ever lost? I dont rememb
  7. I will take the time to answer only because you are one of the worst kind of people in the internet, taking stuff out of context and quoting a single line, without the line following it clearly stating that what I said was bullcrap and just an example on what not to do :) You can go hide in the corner again my amigo "Besides that, your argument is that melee weapons are too easy right? Then, dont use them! I can use your same argument and instead of sending you to earth for easy mode, i can tell you to go SP infested with a single shot high damage primary. See? Its bullcrap if I say that, a
  8. The fact that you think caps are used for yelling does not mean anything to me, I use them to put attention to particular points because I wont go and stylize a forum post, dont have that kind of time in my hands. I also dont see any rules concerning using caps and, psychology itself has proved that people pay more attention to those, case in point, you went out of your way to talk about that instead of talking about the post and its content, a cookie for you my man. The fact that your first insult is "kid" shows me that you are one (Or think like one), if you were old enough you w
  9. I keep getting people saying "No one goes around just pressing e", so yeah, I'm not answering because half the people have said the same S#&$ I did, and I'm not into circle jerking, the other half of the people either havent seen the strem or just dont care to read enough to understand what I mean with mashing e, even tho another commenter posted the damn video the devs referred to, in which the player ONLY PRESSES E, which is my point. Seriously, who would complain about mashing a button which is the designated button for every melee attacK? You dont need more than a couple s
  10. Thats the point of something hard my dude, when something is hard you are hindered or restricted.. Its like life itself, being a professional sportsman is hard, requires a ton of effort, restricting your diet, hindering your party temptations and going through it with a determination to finish.. You cant make something harder without restricting something in a way, if you could just say "i want to be a professional sportsman" and it happened instantly, it would be easy.. its not.. The game is the same and taking off some mods is a good way to make it harder... You still have your abilities, y
  11. I had so much #*!%ing fun getting grendel.. I started running some missions without mods, just to enjoy them that way
  12. This has happened a couple times already but with melee, they are taking extreme examples as normal gameplay, which is not real at all. 1) NO ONE, EVER, goes around steel path mashing e (BIG EDIT BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE THE READING COMPREHENSION OF A 3 YEAR OLD ON SPEED: When I say mash e, i'm referring specifically at the example given BY THE DEVS ON THE STREAM, which is a video of someone just pressing e, no movement keys, no abilities, no anything.. OF COURSE IF U DO A MISSION WITH MELEE YOU MASH E, ITS THE MELEE ATTACK, also stop taking one point of my argument however u want and ignoring
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