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  1. DE stop. Wtf.. The only reason the grind in this game is bearable at all is because the variety of methods.. Now you are forcing us to stay hours in a trash event (fun for 10 minutes? Maybe, but not because of the gameplay but because the setting is beautiful.. The gameplay itself is trash, plus the laggy weapon that cant hit S#&$ unless im at point blank..) with one trash weapon, not even a warframe (no abilities) no melee, same map over and over, same enemies over and over.. Wtf is wrong with you, do you even play your game anymore? How can you think this is a good idea? Are you this disconnected from the player base and from your gaming past? People complained about the grind of nightwave, you delivered lowering it A LITTLE, and then you give us THIS? I mean, go see a neurologist, you guys have a serious problem with your memory.
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