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  1. Ah, it's nice to see that I'm not the only one who feels this way. Random weebframes that zip about and die repeatedly in the first rotation get right on my nerves. The revive mechanic really is an irritant for the group- so if you keep dying, you're a walking debuff. You should have the decency to just leave the game to improve your setup/approach rather than screaming at people for a rez. I will admit that if someone keeps dying a disproportionate amount, I tend to deliberately avoid picking up the rez tokens. It can take them quite a while to get the hint but it's sometimes necessary.
  2. This is quite an easy MR test, even without using the bug, but it's still probably worth a little report. I discovered while playing around in practice mode (and having a sneezing fit) that if the operator dies, they will come back with their arcanes and upgraded amp- rather than the basic void beam and lack of arcanes that the test mandates. This makes it incredibly fast/easy to finish the test (10 seconds rather than maybe 30, gasp!). It's 100% reproducible, just go and stand in front of the mobs and let them kill you, and voila, back with all your finery!
  3. Saw this in ESO, while waiting for a conduit that never spawned. You'll see that the texture on the infested "blob" is poorly-placed, giving an obvious seam. It's easy enough to find as it's in the conduit location.
  4. Even a cursory search would have shown you all the other threads where people are saying the same, re-assuring you that no, it's not just you.
  5. ..or you could hit it with Ivara's sleep arrow, whereupon it will fall though the mushroom and vanish. Seems appropriate in a mission about actual piles of crap 😉
  6. They really can't. Good luck pushing unqualified, unsigned code out to enduser consoles.
  7. Magical thinking, confirmation bias and hazy ideas about probability all in one place, oh my! The answer is clearly that little baby Jesus and the unicorns are using the Desire Sensor to thwart you, OP ^_^
  8. This is just a bodge to help hide the fact that host migration is still incredibly broken and loses all sorts of state- even when you do migrate to the same mission type with most of the same people. Yawn. Can't fix it? Hide it with weird vestigial kludges and post-hoc rationalisation.
  9. Well, that's just it, "other than the rep grind". If most of the activities in the game become a rep grind, it'll alienate players. MMOs discovered this a long time ago, if you don't balance the rep grind with substantial, fun spontaneous content (reasonably challenging dungeons etc.) then the whole game just becomes busywork. There are already lots of core systems locked behind rep grind in Warframe- feels a bit like "if you only have a hammer, you see every problem as a nail". Caution is needed when replacing any of the remaining non-rep grind content with yet more grind.
  10. The worst part of this is that it'd feel like yet another boring medium-term obligation, rather than a quick, fun spontaneous activity like it is now. Rep grinds tend to suck the fun out of games, when you have too many of them.
  11. I have to say that this makes me wince. Yet another faction to grind, yet another currency- but worse yet, one that expires. This seems like the opposite of a good idea. The charm of being able to drop into a quick mission for an immediate reward on-spec was it freed you from all the interlocking freemium currency mess. It feels like Warframe doesn't need yet more layers of clutter like this. Alerts are one of the few daily activities which aren't a rep grind. Without them, the game will be more of a featureless slurry of rep systems- less accessible for new players, more dull and uniform for experienced players.
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