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  1. Just did an exterminate. Killed everything waited 7 minutes with th e team. Not only the acolyte didn't spawn, but the ennemies didn't bother show up either. So if you put some kind of hidden mechanic like killing x enemy before a chance to spawn, rethink this strategy because if no enemy spawn I can't really do anything about it (and I waste my time). That's not the first I see that either, got the same thing with a capture mission yesterday, I do my mission and kill everything. Once I capture, no more spawn, and no acolyte even at the 8 minutes mark.
  2. Use freetube or any other alternative youtube player.
  3. Really the way to get the new frame parts is goin to be a real pain. The worse I've seen in a while. New useless room to build and then research. That's probably the worse I've seen for a while.
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