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  1. Any chance Atlas will get a Prime visual pass to his landslide/petrify/rubble? Landslide could get the Prime knuckles his tumblers now have. Petrify could get the similar treatment his 2 received. Rubble could also get the same as his 2 and maybe a bit more of a stone armor look? Prime visuals happened but on his two least useful abilities.
  2. While I am hopeful Atlas is on the radar for a rework eventually I was concerned about the prime effects. Any chance his stacking rubble would be able to get some sort of effect or look like a layer of more cohesive armor? Also would it be possible to get the prime knuckles the tumblers get added to landslide? It feels strange having a Prime frame have abilities that still look ramshackle like his 2 and armor that looks quite plain. Creating stone armor around himself that looks like any old gravel seems odd as well.
  3. Hello! Quick question. What will be happening to mods available primarily through Incursions? Could they be added to POE bounty drop tables or purchaseable with Ostron standing?
  4. Any chance of a look at Nagantaka forced impact proc and unreliable passive?
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