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  1. Agreed, the fact that you need near perfect rolls just to rival a 60/60 mod is kinda ridiculous. But hey, Balance. Rivens should have a minimum dispo of 0.75 - 0.8, as anything lower makes it incredibly difficult to get rolls that rival regular mods.
  2. Eh, don't bother with broken war, gram doesn't need a riven and still tears through lvl 100+ enemies in 2-4 hits with 0 combo. I doubt the spin 2 win broken bull(Sh!t) combo will be changed, as it's part of the stance mod... And if that disappears, you can just go dagger + covert lethality ash, or arca titron for fat damage executes. Or you can just use Saryn, cause you know, who needs guns anyways. While the riven nerfs are upsetting, that just makes the so called "meta" smaller. People will still use top tier weapons (tiberon, kitguns, etc) because the weaker weapons simply can't compete, and even if they have a riven, rivens are (you guessed it) rng based. Getting a good roll might never happen, and hence all you have is wasted time and a trash tier weapon. Instead of continuously nerfing rivens and buffing trash ones, they should look at actually balancing some of the guns themselves. Sure, the Drakgoon looks cool, but it will never compete with Tigris prime, or any other shotgun for that matter. Bows just simply don't fit Warframes meta anymore, besides Lenz, Mutalist Cernos(maybe for a meme build), and a big maybe on crossbows. I'm not sure why you would handicap yourself into using worse weapons. Just use the top tier without a riven, DE will eventually see that even without rivens, top tier guns will continue to be the most used... At least until they nerf the stats of those too. Just waiting for that to happen, and if it does, they had better compensate the forma. Also, Kripath melee will still be good, stat sticks are just too good with condition overload. That will be another problem with melee, even if 3.0 eventually comes out. Garbage tier melee will continue to be garbage tier. Like "Hey, do you want to use this Zenistar? Or would you like to use this FaNtaStiC HeAt sWoRd, oR MaYbE TwO oF ThEm?" Same goes for many of the other melee weapons. Fragor, Heliocor, Maggistar, Sibear, Kestrel, Anku, Korrudo, Dakra Prime, Ripkas, Guandao, Kogake, etc. This applies to ranged weapons too unfortunately.... Dual Toxocyst, Vaykor Marelok, Ballistica Prime, Lex Prime, Aklex Prime, Synoid Simulor, Burston Prime, Ogris, Daikyu, Sancti Tigris, and even the regular Opticor, which is only used because it's a BFG, but it is outclassed by tons of other weapons (only reason it saw tons of use was due to a bug, fancy that)... Almost all these weapons require relatively high MR rank, and simply aren't worth it when you can grab the following at a lower MR rank: Phantasma, Fulmin, Ignis Wraith, Lenz, Hek... This isn't to mention that Kitguns have an MR requirement of 0... So why use any other weapon besides a kitgun? And if not those, Atomos shreds through enemies and is only MR 5. Long story short, just don't bother with rivens anymore, since most, if not all of your work done can be for moot.Time spent with nothing to gain is time wasted. Just throw primed cryo rounds/primed heated charge on there and be done with it, wait for DE to fix this mess they created.
  3. Agree with you completely my friend. I would argue these rivens are nearly as bad as loot boxes. People want to hit that power fantasy, so they will make rash decisions to do so, be that spending hours to grind, or buying from scam artists claiming "GOD TIER RIVEN FOR _______ GUN" that has -slash for tigris or something. Rivens are just lazy coding so that actual balance for old weapons won't happen. If Kuva ever becomes a resource that is purchasable, I fear for the future of Warframe.... Anyways, PSO2 is coming in 2020 if you need something fresh 🙂 , Same with Borderlands 3, and if those don't float your boat, like you said, Destiny. I haven't played either 1 or 2 yet, but maybe I might take a look into it.
  4. Stats alone show that Catchmoon without a riven will out-damage an arca plasmor without a riven due to damage mods for pistols being better. Rattleguts similarly has higher damage than another top tier weapon, Tiberon Prime. Tombfinger also has very high damage. These weapons will continue to be top tier even without a riven. Also, 1 hour + doesn't say much, levels do. 1 Hour in Kuva survival, my Rattleguts still performs just fine, and outperforms nearly all my other secondaries. Catchmoon falls off, but so do many other weapons. They are top tier, that much cannot be denied. I agree, nerfing weapons (rivens) meant for PVE doesn't make sense, and rivens won't go away because it is a constant source of income for DE. All it means is the next "OP" rivens will just cycle to the newly buffed rivens. Simple as that. It's just a cruel cycle that spits in the faces of veterans who want to achieve that end-game power fantasy. If you're concerned about rivens/endgame for Warframe, I recommend just putting the game down, play something else for a while until either an "endgame" exists, or rivens are gone. Rivens don't belong in Warframe, and with them being nerfed, I find them no better than lootboxes. While they don't directly cost money, it definitely abuses the fact that people want to hit higher numbers, and people WILL spend money to get them. At least with lootboxes, people keep what they get without it being modified. But hey, what can ya do. Just accept the fact that Warframe is still in "beta" and that any rivens you get can turn out to be worthless in 6 months.
  5. But they aren't nerfing kitguns... Kitguns are still the strongest weapons, even without a riven. They nerfed the rivens, not the gun itself. Either way, I think buffing the actual garbage weapons is a better alternative instead of forcing players to get rivens for trash weapons. A waste of Kuva and time trying to make a non-meta weapon good enough to compete, and these rivens are also subject to change. Rivens should never have existed to begin with, or at least shouldn't be tradable and should keep permanent stats. But instead of buffing weapons, changing 1 line of code is much easier than changing many. Lazy programming at its finest.
  6. It's a nerf amigo. They accidently reversed the numbers
  7. *Laughs in Tigris Prime* Jokes aside, in a game where you are facing waves upon waves of enemies, snipers are horribly inefficient, and in my opinion, just not fun to use when dealing with some of the enemy AI. And to be fair, almost every weapon is 100% overkill nearly all the time against normal mobs.
  8. A civilized and valid argument, I can agree with the points you've made. Problem is, this doesn't solve the Tigris Prime, Kitgun, Tiberon problem. All top tier weapons that outperform nearly all weapons without a riven. Other weapons require rivens to compete with these monsters, so taking away rivens from those just serves to make the gap between weapons all the more apparent. It's essentially forcing you to get a riven for non-meta weapons, which is time consuming, and also not worth it since rivens are subject to change. I think these balances are serving the opposite purpose - While they aren't forcing people to use meta weapons, if you want to be efficient, using meta weapons is just better. My Tiberon/Tigris without a riven outperforms all my other weapons even with rivens... And that's not even talking about the Atterax/Gram/Zaw problem... This is all leading to the point I've been trying to get across - Why do rivens exist? Just balance the weapons properly. But the money from rivens is just too great, so weapons aren't being balanced...
  9. It's because DE has not implemented an "Endgame" yet, as such many players believe becoming as strong as possible as the endgame. Fashion frame is a money sink which I don't want to get in to, and while rivens are "free" if you farm, that's only if you have all the time in the world. Warframe, in my opinion, has always been about the power fantasy like with Diablo, becoming as strong as you can be. Besides, what else do you expect the players that have basically everything to do in the game? Endless runs? No thanks.Amassing credits? Useless. Ducats? You get something good from Baro twice a year, no need. Arbitration? I mean, once you have the mods, you don't really need the rest. Sure, the seasons help with content now, but all we are getting out of it is basically just cosmetics. I don't really care what my frame looks like, I care about how efficiently I can dispatch enemies. Looking good is just a bonus. Personally, I think rivens shouldn't even exist in the game - It's just lazy "balancing" in place of actually buffing the weak weapons. But Rivens are a cash cow that DE won't give up, so we gotta put up with this garbo.
  10. How am I ignoring them? I gave my opinion on them and acknowledged them openly. My point stands for all of them. They just can't compete with top tier weapons even with rivens. The buffs do exist, but they aren't helping the issue. Instead they are just becoming an equally large issue, since now people will be looking for "God Tier Cernos Riven" or "God Tier Soma Riven). If I was ignoring them, I would only post text on the nerfed guns. I don't think you understand the definition of "ignoring". Speaking of that, I'm going to be "ignoring" any more messages from you.
  11. Boltor: 0.95->1.05 (Need Telos Boltor, which many people won't farm for since Prime is garbo) Braton: 1.1->1.2 (Still isn't relevant, weapon itself needs buffs to compete) Cernos: 1.1->1.15 (Bows themselves need changes, as they don't fit into Warframes current gameplay style) Dread: 1.1->1.2 (As said above)Glaxion: 1.35->1.25 (Nerfed because of popularity, not because of power because it does what Amprex does, just worse.) Gorgon: 1.4->1.3 (Nerfed because idk, hunter munitions is broken and nerfing rivens is easier than fixing that mess)Hek: 0.85->0.95 (Buffed, but still can't compete with Tigris Prime/Arca Plasmor in either huge damage or aoe clear) Hema: 1.2->1.25 (I hate this weapon and everything about it)Ignis: 0.6->0.55 (Nerfs despite the fact that it doesn't need a riven to be top tier, and at this point a riven will most likely hurt it more than help it) Lanka: 0.85->0.8 (Nerfs since it is used for Eidolon hunting and literally nothing else, so nerfs are just a nuisance)Nagantaka: 1.05->1.1 (Buffs to a bow, but at least this bow is half decent. Still has a hard time fitting into Warframes gameplay style atm)Opticor: 1.15->1.05 (Nerfed because everyone has the Vandal now, and people like using a Big #*!%ing Gun that has a bit of utility)Paris: 1.2->1.3 (Again with the bows, they just don't fit. They need a rework, like small AOE splash, or innate headshot crits even if you dont land a headshot, idk) Quanta: 1.1->1.25 (Why use this when you can use the Gaze, Amprex, Synapes... You get the point. I like the weapon, but it still struggles to compete)Rubico: 0.8->0.7 (Well, we all saw this coming. They just don't want us to have an easy time with eidolons, which I don't do anyways, so whatevs)Simulor: 0.85->1 (Great, more aids to see on my screen. Incoming Mirage + Simulor) Soma: 0.75->0.85 (Trying to revive a dead weapon, stop beating the dead cat. Just use Tiberon, it does better without a riven. Or use Prisma Grakata)Stradavar: 1.15->1 (An already weak weapon getting weaker, haven't seen anyone use this weapon besides for MR fodder, even the prime variant) Supra: 0.85->0.8 (Good weapon, I can see a nerf here. Well, no, I can't, but I don't use the supra vandal, so meh)Sybaris: 1->1.05 (Weaker Battacor, why use it? Again, Tiberon, or Tenora)Tetra: 1.5->1.45 (Does anyone even use this thing besides for the memes?) Tiberon: 1.1->0.95 (Well there it is. Still strong even without a riven)Tigris: 0.5->0.55 (Rivens are still going to be worse than a regular mod, irrelevant buff to dispo) Tonkor: 0.95->1.15 (Four words - Cautious Shot is Garbage)Vectis: 0.8->0.85 (Buff? Nerf? Idk, still, snipers are only really great for Eidolons and some bosses. I don't see them anywhere else)Veldt: 1.2->1.25 (Forgot this weapon existed, not gonna lie) -------------- Akjagara: 1.25->1.05 (Ouch, but we all saw it coming. This weapon is pretty stronk) Aklex: 0.85->0.8 (I haven't seen anybody using these badbois in like, a year. I don't get the nerf, they aren't all that great, and are difficult to get) Brakk: 1.1->1.2 (I still haven't gotten this stupid shotgun, gave up) Catchmoon: 0.8->0.6 (Well, just use Primed Heated Charge at this point) Cycron: 1.1->1.15 (Glaive + this. Basically forced usage of this otherwise mediocre weapon) Embolist: 1.45->1.4 (Why nerf the fart gun? Haven't seen anyone using this either) Gammacor: 0.8->0.9 (Well, maybe the beast from the past is making his rise. But Gaze blocks his path with a hard no) Hikou: 0.95->1.05 (somewhat of a same issue that Bows have, just not as exaggerated. Poor stats that don't merit the use of this) Lex: 0.7->0.9 (As above stated with Aklex - I don't see people using this hand sniper. Love the weapon, but it just can't compete with others even with a riven) Marelok: 0.8->0.9 (Same as stated with Gammacor, but blocked by Tombfinger/Arca Scisco/Knell) Pandero: 0.95->1 (Pandero? Stubba? Arca Scisco? I'll stick with my Knell/Hystrix. They are fun to use) Pyrana: 0.8->0.7 (Well, we all saw this one as well. Strong weapon) Rattleguts: 0.9->0.8 (Well all kitguns are strong, can't deny that. They don't need rivens to be strong, so nerfing rivens was always a meh for these, people will use them anyways) Sicarus: 1.15->1.1 (Uh, just use kitguns) Sonicor: 0.8->0.9 (When this gun lost it's innate Tenno Space Program passive, everyone stopped using it) Spira: 1->1.1 (Struggles with the same issue as Hikkou) Tombfinger: 0.85->0.75 (Again, kitguns will continue to be meta because they are top tier even without a riven) Twin Grakatas: 1->1.05 (Clem. Clem. Clem clem clem. Clem. A welcome buff, even if minor) Twin Gremlins: 1.3->1.2 (Kitguns) Twin Rogga: 1.2->1.25 (Just use twin Kohmak. People call these mini tigris and what not, but they don't have slash as main ips) Viper: 1.45->1.35 (Does anyone even use this weapon? I thought it was a meme from Zanagoth?) Zylok: 1.15->1.25 (Condition overload slave to pair with a glaive. Suffers same fate as Cycron) That's my breakdown of the nerfs/buffs.
  12. Well that was my point. Lots of people, including me, aren't happy about these nerfs. Ah, sorry, balances. DE: We don't call then nerfs, we call it strategic balancing. Us: It's nerfs. If they keep doing this, I'm probably just going to give this game up. All I wanted to was to power my way to the riven late game, but they destroyed that too. Now we have to deal with the scams "God Tier Rivens" and fashion frame "endgame", both of which are cash cows. Disgusting. Upside is, PSO2 is coming to NA next year. I'll probably drop Warframe for good once it does. In fact, I might just drop it now and start on the Japanese servers...
  13. Because the Riven market is a fat cash cow. For them, it's a fantastic source of consistent money, since people pay ridiculous prices for rivens. Why balance weapons when you can make more money by not fixing the riven system and instead angering players?
  14. True, weapon didn't get any nerf, but our time was wasted. It's a good way to spit in the veterans faces, considering there is no "late game" unless you count cosmetics, which just shows how greedy DE is becoming. Whatever nets them the most money, who cares about the players who spent hours upon hours of farming kuva, amirite?
  15. I agree with you a bit. Samesy same weapons in a mission is boring. Rivens being nerfed will unfortunately not change this, because these weapons are just innately too strong. They should be buffed weaker weapons instead. If this trend continues, I fear every mission will be eventually be dominated by tigris prime, gram prime/zaw/atterax. It's like Saryn in every mission all over again. There's a reason nobody uses the other weapons. They can't compete with meta non-riven modded weapons, even with riven mods occasionally, and they just feel clunky/bad to use. I simply don't like using some of the weapons, so dispo buffs to those don't do me anything. Unfortunately, rivens are a money sink which DE is hesitant to give up, so we have to deal with this BS instead of actual buffs/nerfs to weapons. Warframe would have been better off without rivens and just actual balancing of weapon, but again, money. Can't lose those 10k plat rivens being sold. They will just gradually change to the next OP/meta weapon.
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