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  1. Love it. Really fun and a new kind of challenge. Love the performance based reward tier system. Sometimes bomb dude shows up REALLY close to terminal, like 2 seconds away, not really cool. Agree with others about not having a reason to play it anymore after a short time.
  2. 1. Visual bug: bridge at start cut-scene of ropalolyst gets pulled out from underneath warframes who keep walking like they just dont care. 2. Ropalolyst progression stopper: Can get stuck in main arena at the end of the fight. Objective says to get to extraction but you are still in the main arena with no way to get to extraction. Never got transported to extraction zone in the first place. Very little by way of reproducing this, it did seem like we killed the ropalolyst in the final phase very quickly. 3. Visual bug: Ropalolyst hp bar gray when it shouldn't be: After depleting the health of the ropalolyst in the final phase, but failing to lazar beam his @$!# in time, his health goes back up (expected I imagine) but the health bar stays gray for the rest of the fight, as if he is invulnerable, but you can still damage him with standard weapons. I'm not sure if this is a client vs host issue or an issue for everyone but it was very confusing at first, I kept checking if he had sentient shields again but he did not, I could still hurt him and when his health bar (gray) got all the way down I could lazer beam him and kill him just like normal. 4. Ropalolyst almost-perma-fall: Sometimes when falling to your black doom in the ropalolyst arena you can get stuck in a state where the game thinks that you keep falling, even if you make it back to solid ground. You can be standing on solid ground but the screen keeps blacking out as if you have just fallen to your doom and makes you reappear where you started. You do seem to be able to break out of it by going into operator form but otherwise you just stay there. I've hit this myself several times and have had team mates complain of it almost every fight. Parts of the arena fall away during the fight, could there be a disconnect between where the client vs server think the solid ground is? 5. I should have taken a picture of this but there was one occurrence of nothing being visible when looking through the connection between two tiles when doing the ropalolyst level. Looked like blank sky until you walk through and see the other tile, turn around, same thing. 6. Ropalolyst, for his first lazer attack against you when you reach one of the side platforms, often gets stuck under the platform for that first and sometimes second attack. He always seems to get out of it but definitely could be improved. 7. The prompt to "Grap the Ropalolyst" still appears even if a team member has already mounted him and you cannot, in fact, grab the dude.
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