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  1. Unfortunately this update just killed a good portion of my ability to play the game, and all of my ability to play it together with family. 😢 Our primary desktop computer still runs the game fine, but our laptop can no longer join or host any missions now that DX9 is gone. While it's not a gaming laptop and doesn't perform nearly as well as our purpose-built desktop rig, it still easily clears the minimum system requirements- the laptop is running Windows 7 Professional, has 8 gigs of RAM, has a Core i7 2.90 GHz processor, and an Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card. (low end graphics card, I know, but it's DX11 compatible and runs the game just fine in DX10/DX11 mode. In fact, not only does the game look better when running DX10/DX11, it also has better framerates, and even when running missions in Fortuna it stays above 30 fps) The reason that we needed to use DX9 mode despite the worse in-game performance it offered was because the matchmaking was (and still is) utterly broken for us on the other two modes, booting us out of any and all cooperative missions during the loading screen. (speaking of which, load times in DX9 mode on the laptop were short and comparable to the ones we got on the desktop. In DX10/DX11 modes though, load times suddenly went through the roof, and are almost certainly related to the inability to join/host any sessions with other people) This has been a long-time bug that several other people have run into over the years. Before, it wasn't as important since a workaround existed. Now, that workaround fix is gone and the bug is still present. Solo play is still on the table when using the laptop, (once you get past the excessively long load times) but that's a poor substitute for playing with others. And now that one of the new Nightwave objectives is to do things with friends...
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