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  1. A lot of players mentioned this on the test server, but DE hasn’t changed it...
  2. The Necramechs are a lot of fun to pilot, but they also have some serious downsides. i start with the good points: - The sounds and the feeling of piloting a Big massive Mech is damn near perfect! Even the Gun that came with the mech adds to the experience. The Gunfeeling is absolutely gorgeous! - The Necramechs give a nice change to gameplay, as even squishy frames can go up against masses of enemies when they transfer to the Necramech. the Bad points: - the UI changes from whatever you have chosen in the options to the Standard Gold theme. That is annoyi
  3. It’s really annoying that you can’t look up your custom content streams, the latest dev replies or manage your forum Account on the mobile version.... I hope DE can fix that. Maybe @[DE]Drew can shed some light on this topic.
  4. this is still bugged. if you only resummon The Necramech it works, but if you summoned the K-Drive or your Archwing before resummoning the Necramech it still resets the Affinity.
  5. i noticed that with the Rare doglike Critter, but it dont seem to be a bug. you can Catch them before they are attacked by Infested, but then they only give the Tags. If they are attacked by Infested they change their name to "Weakened Panzer Vulpaphyla" and then they can be used in the Revivification.
  6. TYPE:In-Game, Necramech] DESCRIPTION: [Affinity is resetting when you redeploy the Necramech] VISUAL: [Visual before redeployment: Visual after redeployment: ] REPRODUCTION: [leave your Necramech and redeploy it after you made some room between you and the old Necramech. Or let it be destroyed and redeploy immediately] EXPECTED RESULT: [The Necramech should have retained all the Affinity it collected while deployed.] OBSERVED RESULT: [The Affinity gets reset to where it was when the mission begun.] REPRODUCTION RATE: [100 %] another one related
  7. Will these flowers represent the basic colores of each Warframe or the color scheme the players applied to them?
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