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  1. At the moment the RNG values of the Railjack Parts is the most polarizing Topic of Railjack. In my opinion RNG Values aren’t that bad. BUT without an option to upgrade bad roles of rare components it’s quite disappointing and demotivating. Here is my take on tackling that Topic: DE could create an upgrade system that allows us to enhance our components and weapons to their maximum by spending increasing amounts of Dirac for every time we enhance the same component a bit like rerolling Rivens but without the randomness. To upgrade a component from min to max values you would have to enhance it 10 times. Each enhancement would give 1/10 of the difference between the min and max values. The costs could be as following: 1. Enhancement: 1.000 Dirac 2. Enhancement: 1.500 Dirac 3. Enhancement: 2.000 Dirac 4. Enhancement: 2.500 Dirac 5. Enhancement: 3.000 Dirac 6. Enhancement: 3.500 Dirac 7. Enhancement: 4.000 Dirac 8. Enhancement: 4.500 Dirac 9. Enhancement: 5.000 Dirac 10. Enhancement: 5.500 Dirac Total Costs: 32.500 Dirac So for a good roll you would only need a few enhancements to bring it to its maximum Value. And a bad roll of a 2% Drop wouldn’t be as punishing. As you would be able to upgrade it while playing the content. As the enhancements would upgrade to the next percentage value DE could make enhancements costs depend on the current values of the components so a near perfect roll would cost 5.500 Dirac to max out. This would also give us a Dirac sink for when we have all Avionics and grid slots maxed.
  2. That is exactly what those failure states are there to enforce. Without them we would just run in kill a few enemies and don’t care for mission accomplished. for Railjack just search for players to team up with, with the 1m invulnerability Timer on each catastrophic breach you can fight through the first mission without any problem. Also an enemy slowing Amesha can really help.
  3. The tactical avionics seem to be bugged right now, I have a Rank 0 fire extinguisher in a rank 3 Grid space telling me it extinguishes 4 fires, but in mission it tells me it only extinguishes 1 fire and only dose that.
  4. The only Two changes I would love to see are: 1. that all loot and all Intrinsics are shared by the whole crew. It’s counterproductive to a cooperative mode to punish players for fulfilling their role. the Away team gets more Resources and Drops then the rest of the team, while the Engineer is getting much more affinity/intrinsics then the rest of the Railjack crew. 2. That there are no random components. If necessary make more tiers rather than have parts that can have widely different stats. To keep the system balanced you could add a new tier of gear for every 10 enemy ship levels. With the changes to enemy scaling this could work out fine and give players an incentive to play any new content that comes for Railjack.
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