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  1. i've tested it with Khora, works just like the normal Pack Leader 😞
  2. it's Wednesday lets nerf Mag..... ahhhhhhhm Itzal again
  3. In my opinion Hildryn is a well rounded Warframe. All in all she's a good support/CC Frame with decent survivability. Regarding her Abilitys: Passive: Her Shieldgate mechanic works like this: With Overshields(which you can generate easily with her 2nd) you won't take damage to your Shields no matter how hard the hit is. As far as I tested this doesn't seem to have some kind of cool down. When her Shields ar depleted by damage or over use of her Abilitys all Abilitys are canceled and she is invulnerable for ca. 2sec after that the Invulnerability has a cool down period. This means you should dive for cover when the invulnerability is triggered otherwise you drop dead seconds later (tested against lv 145 Arid Heavy Gunner). 1. Ability: Balefire: This is a solid AOE Secondary with limited self damage. It also has a little stagger which is nice 😊 Otherwise the only thing that bothered me a little is the brief delay after firing where you can't swap to melee (about 0,5-1) sec. But its all in all a solid spammable Ability. 2. Ability: Shield Pillage: This is the Bread and Butter of the Frame. It strips Armor/Shields of Enemies within a good radius, and let's you sustain a lot of concentrated fire. When in distress start spamming this and you won't die when there are at least 2 Enemies near you. 3. Ability: Haven: This Ability is a little lackluster its great to apply Overshields to Allies but the damage done to enemies is rather low compared to the amount of shields the Ability consumes per second. As it is now this Ability Drains her Shield so fast, that it is suicidal to use while facing stronger Enemies. Edit: After trying a different Build I won't need a change to this ability, you are able to spread Hildryns Passive to the whole team and the CC is reasonable. All in all a solid Ability. 4. Ability: Aegis Storm: The Range and CC of this Ability are great, the damage is not. What I find a little odd is, that you can't use Hildryns's Archwing Weapon while hovering, that would have been great 🙂 what I still have to test is how this ability works with Aviator and Agile Drift the 52% added DR could be pretty great 😁 Edit: Aviator seems to Work on her 4th which is nice and lets you sustain the ability for a longer time. Tldr: Hildryn is a solid CC/Support Frame with good survivability (be wary of toxin damage). Edit: I'm not disappointed that this is another Frame that we can get through Vox Solaris the Standing Farm wasn't really hard, 2-4 Profit Taker Runs/Day and you are at the standing cap for the day and that takes only about 15-40 min to complete. Its far more plannable how fast you can acquire those frames. And that is good.
  4. doesn't seem to be fixed. My Charger stands in the air most of the time and isn't hitting with approximately 80% of his attacks. But with this Patch he also encounters problems with doors and other borders between Map Tiles. And stops moving or looks like he's walking against an invisible wall.
  5. Damn... I looked at his Twitter before asking here... I must have just missed his tweet....
  6. Could we get some Informations regarding the Switch Launch next week. - Will there be a one time only copy your Account or will there be some kind of Crosssave for Switch and PC as Steve mentioned? - will there be some funny skins/decorations available to celebrate the Switch release? - Could we maybe get a DevWorkshop? Also some news about Melee 3.0 would be nice.
  7. Every one knew from the Start that Riven Dispositions could change any time depending on usage through the whole Community. So why are some people act like its the end of the World? Yes some of my weapons got a tiny bit worse than before, but other Weapons got buffed so I don't se any Problem with the Changes. The Stats also stayed the same, so all "godly" Rivens are still at the same Spot as before. All DE should have done from the Start was a Monthly/Weekly Riven recalibration so people wouldn't have gotten so used to constant Riven Values.
  8. Id like to use the normal Beast Mods Like "Bite" "Pact Leader" etc. on my Hemlith Charger again... https://imgur.com/Lys4zYF
  9. Garudas updated passive with the exaltedlike weapon is nice 😁 This is the first Frame Weapon that can use Stances (in the Clip Four Riders is used) wich is super cool and quite a unique Passive.
  10. I would go as far as restricting the Ability to create new Topics for Players hat haven't reached MR 3. With each Big Update there are so many new players spamming the same questions/ideas to rework frames that are fully functional that the feedback sections turn into a new player Wishlist without context rather than constructive Feedback on game mechanics/weapons/frames. And Actual Feedback Threads are getting pushed back to page 3-5 in like 30min - 2h so even if you are interested it is quite difficult to find those threads. Also if it is possible, DE could add an Autosearch for existing (Mega)threads when someone is giving his/her Thread a Header, with a notification that they can contribute to one of those Threads/the Megathread or their topic might be merged with one of those. This would prevent alot of those "my thread was deleted .... Oh... It was merged with the Megathread...why?"-Threads.
  11. as far as I remember that's a bug caused by lag. Just make sure you let the wall expand a little while and you shouldn't encounter that again. Edit: You can test the correlation to lags by being the host. If you encounter that bug while being host, then it's a new one.
  12. still no fix for Gara being able to Kill the Drones in Arbitration with her 2nd ability? 🤔 Will that remain a "feature"?
  13. - can we get infos about the Arcanes coming with Fortuna? - will Kitguns only be Secondary Weapons or can we create our own Primary Weapons as well? - how will the Modding of the K-Drives work? - will we be able to switch between Archwing and K-Drive by simply selecting them from the Gearwheel? E.g.: Bulletjump->Archwing->K-Drive->Archwing->etc. - Could all the Research Projects in the Orokin Lab be made available for research to get the Clan exp?
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