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  1. Indeed, but you can get an Rank 5 Gunnery Crewmate pretty easy. the only sad thing is, that crewmates can only use the fixed Fireangles of the guns. one can shoot at anything above and to the sides and the oterone can only shoot below and to the sides of your Railjack.... but they are killing it when it comes to performance i would advise to use Vidar Pulsar MK III as the bots work great with them.
  2. If DE would implement the Changes and interacting POI the Players want, we would have the same Situation as when the Plains released, older Systems wouldn't be able to hande the new content the same gooes for older consoles. This would result in an Outrage across the playerbase especially the Console Tenno would be unsatisfied with the way their Xbox one or PS4 would handle the added load.
  3. take ivara, the no abilities only count from the moment the Target spawns, just stay invisible till you find it and it is really easy. also avoid the lightning traps in grineer ships, as they deal damage.
  4. You are willing to pay that much money for some underperforming crewmate? Just wait a little and visit Ticker each day to see if he has the crewmate you want. Also this is true, we maybe able to max out our Crewmates in the future so why implement a Plat option?
  5. my so called minimum Setup is oblitterating Veil Missions: if you completed it then you would have had enuogh Endo to rank everything up to max with the converted excess Dirac i did recive about 250.000 Endo so maxing out all the mods was trival.
  6. I like how the Railjack part feel when you pilot your ship. For the connection of Railajck and the normal mission types i'd like to see a new twist to the modes, like in defense missions the Railjack crew has to shoot down reinforcements that try to enter the ship from the outside, and thus reducing the spawns for the waves of the awaycrew making the waves finish faster etc. Or really big ships with multiple shields that have to be taken down from the inside in a Spy/Sabotage like mission while the Railjack has to fend off waves of enemies and is bombarded by the Capitalships weapons as it poses as the Distraction, so you cant park the ship outside of the weapon range. This would be a great way to combine Railjack with normal mission types.
  7. On R-9 Cloud you can expect about this many fighters present till the "kill fighters" objective is completed, after that there will be no more fighters spawning: Fun fact is that all those fighters are getting mowed down in about 10- 20 sec by my crew. So if you want space battles to be entertaining dont use gunners as the Fighter kill part will be done in a minute or two if you have a maxed out Railjack/Crew. Here is a gif of how that can look: On the Corpus missions its quite dependable on what OPI you get, with the carrier and the experimantal Crewship Dock the spawnrates are as high as about 8 fighters everytime they are being shot down plus a shielded Crewship every couple minutes this combination was the only time my Gunners where overwhelmed (as i wasnt onboard doing the loot dungeon) and a Ramsled made it onto the ship. If you dont get this combination the mission will look like this: -As you Spawn in the Mission: A Crewship and 4 Fighter. - When you get close another 4 fighters will spawn(see the right side of the image): after that there will spawn 4 fighters everytime you destroyed the previous ones. The delay between Spawns seems to be about 5-10 sec. If they would increase the spawnrates to about 20 fighters being present at any time plus a crewship spawn every 1,5-2 min it would be much more entertaining.
  8. The Veil defense mission dose have a nice spawn rate, it has secondary objectives that spawen additional Figters and Crewships ittl keep you buisy while another player is doing POI or the secondary objectives. But the spawn rate depends on those secondary objectives. it could also be the typical 4 figters each time the previous 4 are destroyed. Also if you want entertaining space battles i would advise you not to use the Gunner crewmates with Vidar Pulsar MK II as those are shredding through the fighters like a hot knife through butter.
  9. you know that you get a ton of Titanium from the asteroids?
  10. for everone you refil with the Forge the maximum increases by one, when im playing solo and have a mission with more than 2 Crew Ships i just go to the Forge after killing a few Fighters, craft 4 additional Doom Charges and play throug the mission without having to worry about them.
  11. i tend to use my photor for to long without interuption so it overheats some times. but with the new Rank 9 that isnt a problem anymore, as i can cool it down rapidly.
  12. you get the same amount of endo as you got of Dirac as mission rewards and for scrapping parts, so your point is mood. it took ONE Forma to get an Build that kills Veil Enemies really quickly and survives Veil missions without any problems on solo... so a really HIGH investment right? you got the Endo required to Rank them up again to the same rank you had before. just a matter of minutes to max them out again. So for me all neearly all the points you listed sound like "I want to complain, because i want to complain"
  13. the Rank 9 intirnsic is amazing and usefull for every position. Resetting Heat in 0.5 Seconds on every Weapon solves any heatproblems i have encountered so far.
  14. frustrating? How is that? it pretty easy to solo this mode even in the Veil mission. Hit the Vents when you are about to go over the target heat level and keep an eye out for the Engineers. Its easy and quite fast when you maintain the target heat level.
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