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  1. A Clan Trader would make better sense.  You build a room in your Dojo for the Trader, this will give you access to Equipment/Mods that is provided to the Clan/Alliance by your Clan mates.  In exchange, for your donations, you could gain ranking in the Clan/Alliance to gain benefits from Dark Sector beyond what the standard bonuses are, like a Sigil or Regalia that grants Affinity Bonuses while operating in a controlled Dark Sector, or something along those lines.

    This will do two things.  It will help with recruitment and building a strong Clan/Alliance player base.  Newer players will have a place to go and purchase mods or parts from their Alliance for Credits or Plat (prices dictated by DE) to help sidestep the horrible RNG tables we are currently dealing with.  And it will give a further reason to compete for the Dark Sector locations, I imagine Dark Sector Archwing missions coming in the future and those would be something to get your hands on.

  2. As a newer player, I started out with a Skana for my starter melee.  I got along fine for several missions until I hit a wall where I couldn't reach a high point to locate a cache in the void.  No matter what I did, I couldn't reach it with Parkour 1.0 with my Skana.  I took to YouTube to see how people moved around to reach high spots.  Turns out I needed a Bo to vault my way up.  So I spent the few credits I had on a mk 1 Bo and finished the mission.  I had to switch my playstyle to finish a mission in a game that is supposed to have a lot of freedom of movement.

    Parkour 1.0 was not a good gateway for new players.  It limits people who want to keep up with veterans and complete missions and find hidden areas.  New players want to come in and play the game and still have the freedom to play as they wish.  Parkour 2.0 will allow people to play as they wish, have mobility regardless of weapon choice.  Move slowly through a tileset because they are still collecting mods they need to farm, or speeding through to get to a new mission set.

    Parkour 2.0 maybe a blow to speedrunners because now you are a few seconds slower.  But think of it this way.  Now the new players can stay with the group instead of getting mobbed to death because the veterans 'copter away to the exit leaving the new guy in the dust because he wanted to use a sword instead of bo.  Now you don't have to keep coming back to revive us.

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  3. Not understanding about how a new warframe slot connects with a weapon ability...

    Anyway, really don't like how the new blocking just reduces damage, but we'll see how it's balances out.


    I think what the Tenno was trying to point out, is that some mods are standard to play (Serration, Hornet Strike, etc) to maximise your build.  He seems to think that mods like these draw creativity and diversity out of the playstyle of the modding system and wants it overhauled.

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