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  1. I mean from what i've heard/tried you get more points for doing all 4 at once than 1 at a time. Some of my clannies in RotV say they got their 20k+ in like 30-45 minutes so try holding the keys and doing all 4 at once. Also pick up extra keys that are dropped as they despawn after the round is over and if each member holds and extra key you can immediately restart all of the nodes which streamlines things.
  2. Yeah just had another one like 5 minutes ago where 2 of our teammates were stuck behind doors but me and another were able to complete the mission. Something got terribly messed up with DE's wanting to just push out updates without testing.
  3. Yeah I've made a post about this trying to accumulate everyone's experience and when they started to experience this. Just trying to give DE a hand in pinpointing where this problem originated
  4. Yo, this kinda pertains to all, can you guys include when this occurred? Might help DE figure out where the script went wrong (i'll include your dates in my next EDIT).
  5. So I've seen people posting this bug over the years, but it seems WAY more prominent nowadays than anything. I've had about 20 missions where a door was green and could obviously be opened as it was our path to the objective and it just gets stuck and therefore the mission can't be completed unless the host leaves (which is unfortunate for the host because they have to forfeit their time and rewards so others can complete a mission). I'll start taking screenshots of when it happens and try and post them but those 20 missions that i've run were all in ONE day. Yeah, ONE day. So does anyone else seem to notice this is becoming more problematic? Or is it just me? EDIT: Forget to include that this seems to happen more frequently when an objective has been completed (ie. a vault was opened, kuva siphon destroyed, mobile defense completed you get my point) EDIT 2: Good to see I'm not alone in this, I've asked those who do have this issue to include a date when they started to really notice it affected their play. Mine was as of the most recent Equinox release Update 24.5.8. Players note that these mainly occur on grineer galleons but have also attributed the problem to Jupiter (note that on Jupiter it seems to affect everyone including the host so the mission is FUBAR). EDIT 3: okay, it seems that the idea that this bug only affects Grineer is out the door (pun intended). As a lot of people on this thread and a few others are reporting that corpus are also affected. Rejoice though friends! Loki's switch teleport seems to be able to get you through the doors! However, with all good solutions there is a caveat, you MUST be host and be playing loki in order to switch them through the door.
  6. Apparently our clan is just Clan6214 now.
  7. IGN: BtheLee Mastery Rank: 25 Country :US Current/Previous Clan: BlackOps Started Playing: 7/24/15 Discord: BtheLee#2617 About: about 5805 hrs on record, massively OCD about collecting weapons and frames. Pretty interested in Riven trading.
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