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  1. Of course. It is okay to not play all of it. It's up to the player. But if they decide to not play through it, then they have no right to complain about rewards they didn't get. (Nothing important is locked behind Nightwave only except maybe Umbral forma, which it WILL be available many times in the future as we get closer to Tau System.) As for players that don't have enough time, well... Though luck I guess? There are many more important things in life than Nightwave. Same goes to any other 'Nightwave'/'season pass' type mode in other games. What I like to see is that here, you can at least catch up if you missed days.. or weeks because of real life or anything else.
  2. Because it seems that for the loudest part of the community, getting to the end of a Nightwave is the peak of their skill.
  3. What I meant is the objectives of said challenges can be done in 1 or 2 games which is pretty quick. You are talking about the fact we get exactly the same challenges every week or two. And you are right with that. Trust me, I know how tedious the grind can be, I've played this for 6 years. I got burnt out several times and had to stop playing for some time. I would really like to see some more difficult and/or original challenges with less repetition. The problem here is, if they do that, the more casual players will do exactly what they have been doing since Nightwave 1. Complain about how challenging the challenges are... And that's where we are now. I don't have much to say about the catch-up mechanic, I think you see it as another grind wall only because the problem above, repeating challenges.
  4. Wolf never left, he can still spawn randomly or you can buy beacons from Baro if he has them. Also this is not a real Nightwave so it's basically random carrot chasing for us to do. I mean... At least it's something for players like me that don't really have much to do anymore, since evrything there can be done and unlocked is well.. done and unlocked. They knew the credits will be useless after it ends. (Except that DE made them available to sell for credits...) I don't think it is that easy to just extend something like this in an update. Keep in mind it was running for all platforms at the same time. I think it did. You no longer have to chase alerts or be upset that there was one while you were at work/school/outside. If you just play the game, you get rewarded even more with this. And about the story... it was cool, but vague and didn't really left us with much I think. Definitely could do better. It was their first try on something like this and Warframe is well known for new things not working, so there's that.😛
  5. Because that's how this mode works. It's based on 'season passes' which reward you for how well/how often you play. You have to finish those prior challenges because that's what you are supposed to do, doing challenges to progress. I mean this is so much easier than any other game that features this 'season pass' or whatever they call it. If you miss those challenges they are gone, FOREVER. Warframe wants to go easy on you and yet the community still whines. No it is not, Most of the challenges can be done in 1 or 2 games and even if you are playing casually few days a week, you can do it easily and probably won't even need to catch-up. This is not a "grind" this is playing the actual game. And before you slam me with the low MR players argument. Yes, they probably cannot do some of the elite challenges. (There is plenty of normal challenges too.) Yes, they will probably miss on some stuff. But this gives them the reason to get their rank up, progress more with the story/nodes and generally prepare for the next round! They might not get the rewards now, but if they want them, they will make sure to be ready next time. DE already made most of the challenges easier and even added catch-up mechanic (which you probably won't see in any other game featuring this mode). They are trying to please casual and veteran players at the same time... trying to do the impossible. It's time to stop with this massive uproar about the Nightwave before it's ruined for EVERYONE.
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