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  1. i'd bother eidolon hunting and building a xaku if I could subsume that useless ability (I thought that was the point of this update was to make PoE relevant again believe it or not), otherwise I really don't care about it i rather make wraithe and alchemist and not even bother ever.
  2. Man I like how you guys are adding more parazon into the fold of regular gameplay even though it makes melee feel dumb lazy and interchangeable without fixing their glaring problems despite being 'good' but not actually being 'fun' to perform, not really warframe for me, but w/e neither were the operators in poe. It's funny seeing how many forgotten gimmicks gets stapled into this game and we seriously still have melee feeling unresponsive as it did in the beginning of the beta while struggling to make them relevant again instead of cutting it off and focusing on what worked. Melee and bosses
  3. why does my riven littered gear for weapons that suck still make them suck, I haven't had a single riven that made it a game changer for any of the weaker weapons in my arsenal since rivens released, I never ran with meta weapons but even they benefit more from it than the weaker weapons. Rivens don't do anything to improve the gameplay if not just clashes with actually fixing garbage weapons that aren't actually performing to their fullest capacity from either being dated or some dev changes that absolutely made no sense or wasn't needed, beam weapons still suck so much ass and the shotgun be
  4. Did hong kong protesters had this much solidarity when they needed it against their oppressors or was the money that good?
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