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  1. So a Chance to Ignore Armor. so a status of 30% is a chance to ignore armor 1/3 of the time. 100% status weapons ignore armor all together then. I like it.
  2. Slash damage and its Status is ridiculously powerful. But DE doesn't want to nerf it. Instead they stated, that they wanted to buff Impact and Puncture so they get on the same Power Level as Slash. I don't know how DE wants to fix the broken relation between those Physical Damage Types, but maybe we can come up with some ideas on what is needed and possible with those. If you have an idea for what Impact and Puncture should do with their statuses, then make sure to share it. Until then, here's what I'm thinking about this issue. IMPACT The current describtion of Impact in the Wiki is: Impact damage's status effect is Stagger, causing enemies to flinch and recoil backwards. Which essentialls is a form of Crowd Control but doesn't benefit your damage output. Theres a lot of CC on the Elemental Damage Types already. Heat, Cold, Electricity, Radiation and Blast all stun or confuse the enemy, and one could argue that we don't need more CC in the PDTs, because of the already high number of CC in the EDTs. But on the other hand, someone could argue, that because the EDTs have CC, the PDTs need at least one Type that does CC too. That way you could have a Physical weapon without any Element on it and still get your CC out of it. That said, I don't think that Impact should do CC. It makes sense for Slash to make a bleeding effect. And it makes sense that this bleeding effect is beyond armor and shields. If the enemy is bleeding internally, the armor or shield around them aren't helping them. More realistically, Slash does less damage against Armor directly, without the Status. Impact however does bonus damage to shields and Machinery (but not Robotic). Realistcally, force bends metal. So the bonus damage makes sense, but it doesn't go far enough. I'd like Impact to give bonus againt armor and all things hard and metal, respectively Machinery AND Robotic. IMPACT STATUS can do more than just Stagger. The Stagger can stay but something needs to be added to improve your damage output. A Status doesn't need to be a single thing after all. Slash too, doesn't only have the Bleeding Effect, it also does True Damage. Likewise, Impact Status cannot only do Stagger, but also Reduce Armor, similar to the effect that Shattering Impact has. How much armor it reduces is a matter of balancing and testing, but if the bleeding of Slash is related to the base damage, the amount of armor reduced could relate to the amount of Impact on the weapon as well. PUNCTURE The current describtion of Puncture in the Wiki is: Puncture damage's status effect is Weakened, causing the victim's attacks to deal 30% less damage over 6 seconds That Status makes no sense whatsoever. It's a throwaway Status. Delete it. Anything is better than this. A Stagger reduces the damage output of an enemy by 100%. A Stun, a Blind or Throwdown as well. Nobody needs Weakened. Realistically, Puncture is a lesser force on a tiny area. So this should do bonus damage to Shields. If it would penetrate armor, then it would need a bleeding effect to go along. But it doesn't, and it's taken too. If you need Puncture to reduce the damage of an enemy somehow, it should disable the weapon, or disable the enemy completely. A Puncture Status Effect could stun an enemy and open it up for finishers, or at least multiply damage taken. As a whole, I don't think Puncture should exist. It should be Punch Through and it's Status should be to pin enemies to walls or each other, effectively immobilise and stunning them, opening them up for Finishers or Stealth Damage. CONCLUSION So much from my side. I'm curious what you can come up with. If DE doesn't come up with a buff or alternative for the IPS or PDTs, then let us help them out and make a think thing. GL&HF Tenno DfC
  3. for a few weeks now, whenever my guns reload, the frame starts to aim forward, as if shooting. i thought that was intentional, but others i asked dont have that issue. i cannot see any of the wonderful reload animations anymore that the guns have, they are always hidden for me. https://drive.google.com/file/d/10QksceRUws_M6xG0w7W1AzdFt42Yo6ym/view?usp=sharing
  4. lasers pierce wall not cool
  5. pls fix custom dojo parkour halls, bc they are broken AF. idk how DE managed to #*!% up something that already worked. lasers are not blocked by walls anymore. and kill you instanly - whereto they damaged you before and ended when hit a construction. this needs to be fixed, it makes laser traps unusable.
  6. the whole concept of this. what are they supposed to be, all of them?
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