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  1. So no fix on the messed up lighting engine and colour mess yet. back to minecraft.
  2. Are you stupid or something? I dont need you talking nonesense s-hi-t over my serious threat. You can go now. youre not helping so you can just as well stay away. I will not and I Can not play Warframe until this is fixed. I dont need a black and White contrast. I dont need a game to challenge my eye sight. I dont need the graphics to blind me one way or the other. DE needs to get their s-hi-t together and stop sh-ittin-g on the players with eyesight less than 20/20. I know people that have even worse eye sight than me, and they had trouble before playing any map in snow or bright tilesets like the void. This new light engine makes everything worse for everyone. I cannot understand how ANYONE can prefer this sh-itsh-ow over the old version. And if none of you have a serious solution for this Display settings, or sympathy for the poor gamers with eye health issues, then you can Stay away. and close this threat. because I am done.
  3. DE should at least make it optional. None of the lighting buttons can turn off this Mess they made. and as long as the game looks like this, I cannot playing without having serious trouble seeing anything. Plus, hurting my eyes. For me, this is unfair. im not colour blind. those mods wont do anything for me. And the game was fine before. so chaning it into a state, where it is Unplayable, thats just a di-c-k Move.
  4. but it DIDNT look like this a few days ago. it just Changed into this mess. Why can I not just have back the look i had before?
  5. OMG I hate #*!%ing adaptive Exposure! someone is flashing the lightswitch every few seconds, its super disturbing to look at! But when i turn it off, the game looks like S#&$ once more. What stupid piece of S#&$ game looks like this! Look at this! I turned it all Off and I cant see any difference in how the light works! then i turned it on again. it looks the #*!%ing same! its Pitch black either way! and super bright Spot lights! theres no option to change that. What has DE done to this #*!%ing game?
  6. i have seriously no idea what youre talking about. this isnt helpful.
  7. ive set my brightness and contrast to 50/50 and the game just gets generally darker. I get that Space is Dark but c'mon. I cant see a thing. I cannot understand how Im the only person that sees this or is bothered by it. It was Not like this a few days ago. The contrast is just too damn high.
  8. ive turned them on and the difference is small. now the light changes constantly from one room to the next but in the moments of entering, the rooms are still black, or white, until i walk inside. this room is black as hell. Brightness still on 60. And when im outside, lookint in, its even darker. when i look outside from the room, the door is white. and overall i constantly get those white spots on the floors. When i stand here, and look into this room. its Black but when i start on the black, and look outside. its white. and some parts, like this gate, are lit AF.
  9. its any map really, and not all the time. but sometimes strongly. i have adaptive exposure off. ill turn off HDR too and see if it does anything. I have shut off HDR and i dont see any difference. im not clear on what it does. i restarted the game but it looks the same.
  10. today after update. the lighting was super extreme. when i fiddle on the brightness, some rooms are either White. Or others get Black. How do I shut this off?
  11. Looks like a Buff but its a nerf did anyone ask for this? I didnt. the tether range is huge now. Okay. But its not pulling mobs together anymore. Why would anyone use this now? its useless now. change it. Fix it. i want my Ferrox back.
  12. So DE made Arbirtations even more stupid than they already were. and they added a ridiculously stupid reward. A Multi Aura slot. So you can put in Energy Siphon in one mission, and Growing Power in the next. And maybe Steel Charge in one and then kick a mod, because SC does 18, and every other aura does 14 capacity. While at the same time, Exilus Slot is remaining useless. 15% range, or 15% strength. or More Jumping, more jogging. 3 meter more. 30 damage more. 5 seconds longer in the air. maybe try making a forma for every slot instead, so I can put Augur Secrets into the exilus slot, hmm? Nobody cares for Aura change. its never makes sense.
  13. is wallrunning back now too? when i latch onto a wall, my frame runs on the spot. is that some preparation for a later update?
  14. I have almost every gun. I Chose Staticor to be my main. now DE took that away? And they STILL didnt delete Limbo? How is this fair? How is this justified? Because I liked it? Im on the bad card because I liked how it was a fire ball throwing sorcerers cuffs? because how RPG and fantasy it was? Where would I find another of those guns? I dont "NEED" the staticor, theres better guns. I WANT the staticor because Its like how I (used to) like to play.
  15. Remove the self damage on Staticor and im okay with it again. Im not one of those Bandwagon bug abusers that found the staticor bc it was OP for the last weeks. I used the staticor for 2 years. Its the most used Equipment in my profile. It was ideal. I build my playstyle around it. Now I just keep killing myself. I might be the only person playing this game wiith charging up my staticor, pretending to throw a fireball, while everyone else is just rapid fireing away. It makes me sad to see an item that precious ruined. Sure its still good and maybe the selfdamage was even called for (no it wasnt), but now it just doesnt fit my playstile anymore. I dont use Lenz, I dont use granade launchers. I dont like smacking myself. and if in the end every weapon, every gun, pistol and sword gets to have self damage (dammit i cut myself, so edgy), then maybe it remains fair for Staticor to have it too. give me back my staticor
  16. why are you thanking them? its not working ...
  17. So ... when does the Client start working? Its not doing anything for me, not even loading. just crashing. its good in crashing.
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