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  1. Hey Tenno! Looks like we may of missed the noggles in our excitement for water-gun warfare... The Dog Days Noggle Bundle is now available in the market on all platforms! Cheers.
  2. Hey aimara! Apologies for missing your twitch whisper! I have sent you your prize now. Cheers, [DE]Zach
  3. We tested all cosmetics just in case! Through our testing we found that all other cosmetic rewards worked as intended.
  4. Hey Tenno! With our introduction of Nightwave Intermission III, we added duplicate protection so that users would receive Nightwave Cred instead of items they already owned. Players who reached Rank 23, and Rank 28, didn’t receive Cred in replacement of the Wolf Howl Emote and the Emissary Operator Collection. Sorry about the mix-up! To fix this, we are going to be running a script in near future on PC (consoles soon to follow!) that will give you the intended 50 Nightwave Cred per item affected. Keep an eye out for this in the near future, we will update this thread once it has
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