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  1. Im not so sure about the abilities but it looks like it is made out of 3 broken warframes fused into one so it would be nice if the 3 first abilities would be from the different frames and the last one from the amalgamation of them all. Each broken frame would be different, one focused on damage, support and crowd control First ability - Bind an enemy in strings if pressed or mark an area, if an enemy would enter the area it would get trapped in strings. This ability belonged to a frame that manipulated strings but was destroyed and assimilated to the broken frame Second ability - it would be something like a nulifier bubble, a shield that would shrink when damaged that would protect anyone inside or even deflect projectiles like bombard missiles. The ability was from a technic frame like vauban or protea that was also destroyed and assimilated by broken warframe Third ability - an exalted spear, a spear is a generic weapon so the frame that the weapon belonged could be anything like a knight frame but was destroy in the old war an made into a part of broken frame Fourth ability "Chimera" - broken frame own ability it would lose its form and become something like an abomination of parts and tendrils that would pursue the enemies and assimilate them growing bigger with each new part (enemy) added it maybe upon deactivation it could be self destroyed and deal AoE damage with each part
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