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  1. i don't see how we are Gods if we get killed by level 20 corrupted bombards, which are pretty much mindless soldiers. we are powerful, yes, but at the same time we can get killed easily if we slip up. Just look at the Erra quest, that excal prime got his ass handed to him by what looks like a featherless sentient bird. I guess it depends what realistly and lore wise the level the enemies are. If they are cannonly lvl 30 then yes we are gods, if they are considered cannonly level 300 enemies, then we are far off. Seems to be based off perspective.
  2. i am mr 19 (almost 20) active player looking for a good clan. moon or above please already in a clan but is very unactive and dead but i am holding onto it until i see a good clan msg psn, reply below or message me here
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