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  1. we are not going to tau, not in the new war anyway. DE have stated many times on dev streams and art panels that the new war will be a sentient OUTPOST, not tau. Likely just outside of the solar system or on the very edges but not 14 light years away. People be over hyping then getting dissapointed.
  2. because buffs are not supposed to be applied to operator, i may be wrong but only things such as volts shield which are 'physical' (idk how else to word it) can be used to buff amp damage but casting volts speed per say will not affect the operator, hence not show up on the UI
  3. doesn't it bother you guys at all that a player can not even suggest some number changes without people rushing in to complain about dev costs and effort ect...?
  4. i dont know about you but i got my 'entitled excal prime post' bingo....
  5. couldnt agree more but then again its only a matter of time until another thread is let loose.
  6. Gender dysphoria is a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there's a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity. It's sometimes known as gender incongruence. 'condition' therefore not normal nor has ANYTHING to do with a video game. keep it out
  7. to answer op, no. this thread is brought up time and time again. Keep your gender hungry fashion out of a game that is full of space ninja homicidial machines. To answer the guy below: There are only 2 sexes male or female, there are also only 2 genders male or female. anything else is a mental illness
  8. lol S#&$ hit the fan since i last commented in this thread keep it going guys this is golden entertaiment
  9. 'Being a member of the human race isn't for you' lmao struck a nerve I see
  10. If you get motion sick that easily then maybe warframe isn't for you. You know the game with: k drives, arch wing, parkour, upcoming rail jack and most importantly SPACE! Guessing no mans sky is a nightmare for you
  11. im console so im yet to experience this. can someone show pictures to show how it looks plasticy? before and after would be great
  12. No it wasn't a Easter egg it was just a rushed, unfinished boring glorified trophy room.
  13. Everyone's else's response was reasonable and understandable until yours , the white knight. Do you have to rage or can't you have a civil response like everyone else on here
  14. The lore itself is great the leverian on the other hand, no. It's a disappointment
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