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  1. Its not technically pay to win, its a classic F2P crudtacular thing called pay not to wait. Its like those free to play mobile games like dungeon keeper, wait hours or pay a crystal or in this case a booster. And unlike building which is reasonable , this is day, weeks or even months if you are short enough on resources. Just fix the damn Bile.. and it will be fine.
  2. Im at third and utterly stuck because the gating mechanism is broken because of Bile shortages So to me.. it looks like pay to win.
  3. It doesnt get hungry again that fast, from down arrow, it takes 3 or so days to get hungry again. And what resource for bile is reasonable other than Argon and thermal? NONE, and every single thing uses Bile, every one, because they know its the gate. Also every other resource has multiple easy ones to get. Also if you dont get enough argon in one sitting, guess what, you wake up and half of it is gone.
  4. I hate to break it to you and DE, most gamers dont think this way. IF you have 500 hours and the game asks you to put in another 500 hours to get a mcguffin, but also says you can knock that down to about 100 by paying us. They are going to scream PAY2WIN!!! because if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, its a duck, no matter what the developers intention was when they started. This is especially the case when only 1 resource (BILE) is solely responsible for the gating instead of it being generally spread out. Doubling amount of drops Then doubling q
  5. its not a matter of rushing it, bile wont slow you, it will grind you to a complete stop if you dont have boosters Thats the definition of pay2win. Did you notice that every single ability to put into a frame costs bile while the others are variable. Its almost like they know that Bile is the show stopper and are trying to force you to buy boosters.
  6. Great its still pay2win, you just moved the paying onto some other poor sap.. good job you...
  7. To me it looks like P2W, you buy boosters or get left out. Especially since the prime giveaway this month is boosters, here you go, the first one is free, but you got to pay for more
  8. 500 or so hours, since shortly after the steam release, with a few LONG breaks in there. Most of the resources are fine... but some really feel out of whack to effort. MR15 if you were going to ask, in other words the exact player this was originally targeted at. And trying to rotate the 2 or 3 actually farmabale resources on Bile is painful, this is why they give us 8 or so per type, but bile 6 of them arent usable, seriously DE WT Freep
  9. For some reason excavations dont come up on the relic fissures. I think thats why people stopped running them.
  10. Copernics... cut by about 3/4 maybe more. Cryotic cut by about 1/2 no one runs these anymore.. like at all. diluted thermia... cut by 4/5 seriously.. Fresnels cut by about 9/10 Argon, Morphics and Thermal sludge seem okay THe problem is with only 1 or 2 feedable bile, you have obnoxious amount of wait before you can feed, and literally everything takes Bile. This damn near pay2win, run booster or else!
  11. No amount of this is going to change the fact that some costs are COMPLETELY out of whack
  12. I dont think so... They are aiming at two targets right now, vets who have been playing for so long they have a Scrooge Mcduck vault of stuff, and whales who will just pay to run constant boosters. You could be in the first category.
  13. My guess is they are going to let this stand for a couple weeks and drain out the resources of those with too many, then nerf it down to something reasonable so the rest of the playerbase can use it. Also to grab as much booster money from whales as they can , then figure anyone who didnt pay isnt going to.
  14. Wrong, its like 6 days, because 2 feeding of one resource is only about 1/3. I mean it is possible, its just never going to be any fun this way, just a sloggy grind skunk. And seriously, doesnt the game have enough of that already?
  15. This , it totally blows the idea Helminth was supposed to do away, in favor of just jamming Warcry or Roar onto your favorite frame. Well this is exciting and interesting.. or not.
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