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  1. An average player needs ALOT of potatoes a frame without potatoes is nearly worthless because the high end players keep trying to push the difficulty. Plus you need to potato at least 1 possibly 2 archwings, if you want to be doing any railjack in a couple months. I think you are severely underestimating the amount of reactors and catalysts a player needs to play the game.
  2. Older players had it way easier than new players do.
  3. WEll you do if you want to stop being weak or new. Potatoes and nintain are the primary way to get better frames and keep the ones you do have from sucking.
  4. Yes you are, the weaker your frames are, the newer you are, the more required you are to do every task. IF you need nitains and potatos, you need to go over rank 30 for the extra cred.
  5. Suggestions for those who dont have Ivara, not everyone is good at spy missions. And the hunting is the problem, its Nightwave making people who dont want to do hunting, that is the problem.
  6. There is no possible way to make finding caches in sabatoge fun.. its just unpossible.. unless you have a brain that works that way. FOr those of us that dont like it, no amount of mentral trickery is going to make it anything other than a sucky grindy boring chore.
  7. I dont find any way to enjoy nightwave.. bring back alerts!
  8. How is it a lootbox? you never paid anything, you just beat the snot out of corpus,infested, etc. I liked it because it was simple, do a mission, get a reward. not this stupid garbage of finding all the crates that spawned in walls, or perfect hunting bugged mobs.
  9. Umbra formas are kinda needed along with a few other rewards and the devs know this, so they can make this stuff suck and unpleasant as much as they want and we will still do it But making players hate the game because of a bad system seems counter intuitive.
  10. I bow to your gaming godliness.. I guess I am just not godly in gaming enough to be worthy to play this game. But in my non gaming godliness math, considering one mission is a 30 minute surivival and finding people who wont bail on you will take a few, you are looking at 45 of 2 hours right there...then even if you finish the sabotages in 15 minutes a piece another 45, and 30 minutes to do 6 perfect kills Your ability to bend the fabric of space and time is beyond godly.
  11. Bzzt.. wrong... You dont pay for access to alerts, you just play..
  12. you really think you can finish all of these in less than 3 hours...... unless you are the god of the god of gaming, that isnt going to happen.
  13. Alerts are better, in many ways. I used to just not like it, now I very very strongly dislike nightwave.
  14. Its a known bug they sometimes spawn in walls, Im not the only player to report this.
  15. There are alot of bad missions... just sabatoge is one of the worst. The perfect hunts arent very good, and as the person above said, one of the animals required is bugged.
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