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  1. Schrodingers_Bodybag

    Recurring Nightmares: Hotfix #2

    Since Hotfix: Lunaro 4 the matchmaking system has been using an estimate for your world location to prioritize servers near you; since this has been polished and is working well we can now do away with the unnecessary split of NA into 2 regions! This means more consistent population in trade/recruiting chat, better matchmaking for Central players, and more squads to hook up with. So no more empty recruiting tab? Damn, just when I was getting used to hearing an echo everything I typed something into recruiting tab.
  2. Schrodingers_Bodybag

    The Vacuum Within: Hotfix 1

    Aw great, look at all that polymer scattered all over the floor. *Looks angrily at Carrier just floating there* You gonna help me pick this up? No? *Grumbles* *Bends down and starts picking up the pieces*
  3. Schrodingers_Bodybag

    The Silver Grove: U2.1 + U2.2

    Since we're all spamming our evil agenda I might as well add to the pile. So can we get a contribution log for clanlords like in GW2? Kinda hard to give credit when credit is due without one.
  4. Schrodingers_Bodybag

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 6

    Yo dawg, I heard you like hotfixes...
  5. Schrodingers_Bodybag

    Hotfix: Lunaro 4

    Point and laugh at the people who made spam accounts for primed fury. Then make cupcakes from their tears.
  6. Schrodingers_Bodybag

    Hotfix 18.5.5 +

    Am I the only person amused of a MK-1 weapon getting a nerf in PvP?
  7. Schrodingers_Bodybag

    Hotfix 18.5.5 +

    Millions of gamers' retinas cried out in relief.
  8. Schrodingers_Bodybag

    Hotfix 18.5.4

    Nope, nope, and nope. What is with people and saying first? It adds nothing of value to the topic and serves little more than a look-at-me flag for people that post that stuff.
  9. Schrodingers_Bodybag

    Hotfix 18.5.1

    Reduced the lensflare visual FX on Ember’s World on Fire. My half-burned retinas thank you for this update.
  10. Schrodingers_Bodybag

    Hotfix 18.2.4

    So still no animation fix on Gemini Valkyr's dangly noodle tail? It's really awkward when I'm on the elevator then *FLAP* my big black noodle smacks my squadmate right in the face. I can't tell you how many times I've had to apologize for that. Oh shush you, don't make me get the rolled up newspaper.
  11. Schrodingers_Bodybag

    Valkyr Is Kinda Op Now

    The 4 key is typically a warframe's nuke or a game-changing mechanic of some sort. Some warframes can nuke entire rooms with a single button press, whereas Valkry goes invincible and dances on top of the heads of enemies.