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  1. c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s you've won.
  2. should probably do it there way and not try to get their corporate line from the official game forums.
  3. no. not every high MR person is like that.
  4. make a very basic rhythm and just spam crouch, it takes like 2 seconds of spamming to activate it.
  5. why not just go invisible?
  6. it actually exist as a way to limit g4c resellers.
  7. hey man, this is really solid feedback. really well thought out and i agree with a lot of your points. appreciate ya!
  8. there was no way to get slots with alerts, nightwave added a 100% only by playing the game way to get slots. the other two major ways are to buy plat, or trade and get plat. de has to make money somehow.
  9. it's now all quick melee more or less, you can shoot out of every melee animation.
  10. no. the current trade system plays well to the market. adding an auction house would drive prices down, and the in game market would likely not adjust to the deflation of prices. it would also hurt DE because people would get much much farther with 5 dollars of bought platinum than 10 dollars. the only way this could work is if they adopted a system like BDO has, where it's an auction house, but it's fixed prices. this idea is super restricting though, and the convenience doesn't really pay off. just use warframe.market.
  11. You know for a while I always wondered why every time something new comes out hoards of threads pop up saying how terrible it is and how stupid it is or how their way is better, and I guess my primitive monkey brain couldn't comprehend that the reason why it seems like there is so many, is because most of the playerbase recognizes how good the new update is and are spending time doing their challenges, playing the game. Not making fruitless and low effort "this sucks" threads on the forums.
  12. With this system you can get the slots and potatoes you need and have the platinum leftover for stuff that you want. Why anyone would complain about that is beyond me.
  13. You don't. Humanity as a whole never will. Be it instinct, or sheer lack of foresight. I've been toxic in the past, for different reasons and in various ways, I'd say most people have. I don't like it. I'm ashamed of it. It haunts me constantly, but I did it, and I'd even say it's likely I'll do it again, because in that moment I'm so overwhelmed with frustration, anger, stress, whatever bullS#&$ excuse I seem to make that I'll forget the shame I'll soon feel and I'll lash out at people who don't deserve it, and no amount of apology may rectify that mistake. I don't think many people choose to be toxic. It happens, and it's a nasty habit to get into.
  14. Witch hunting/name and shame is highly punishable. I'd edit out the videos before you get a warning from one of the mods.
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