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  1. I'd rather propose another purpose for Endo than turning it into something else.
  2. I need Endo still and I've been playing since steam release. You can get to end game and not have everything maxed. End game isn't just for longtime vets, it's for fresh entrants into end game as well.
  3. c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s you've won.
  4. should probably do it there way and not try to get their corporate line from the official game forums.
  5. no. not every high MR person is like that.
  6. hey man, this is really solid feedback. really well thought out and i agree with a lot of your points. appreciate ya!
  7. no. the current trade system plays well to the market. adding an auction house would drive prices down, and the in game market would likely not adjust to the deflation of prices. it would also hurt DE because people would get much much farther with 5 dollars of bought platinum than 10 dollars. the only way this could work is if they adopted a system like BDO has, where it's an auction house, but it's fixed prices. this idea is super restricting though, and the convenience doesn't really pay off. just use warframe.market.
  8. So if I transfer my account to switch, I don't lose my progress on PC?
  9. The new forums are pretty awful. Bad spacing in the top bar, Everything is navy blue for whatever reason. Navy Blue is not a good font color on white. Also your Nintendo Switch icon looks like you just ripped it off google images and slapped it in. You couldn't stylize it like the other emblems?
  10. It isn't your place to take up arms for them. They're adults, I'm sure they don't even pay it any mind, and like adults they should recognize when they screw up.
  11. Metacomplaining is something you shouldn't do. Criticizing the game is not something people should be shamed for. Someone can dislike something and provide feedback, and the idea that DE shouldn't listen because you think the game is "awesome" is completely counter-productive to any kind of growth. https://www.raphkoster.com/2013/10/14/on-getting-criticism/
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