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  1. DE i beg thee please reconsider the changing of Mastery badges or at the very least allow players to keep the old options as a "Legacy setting" the new ones just look trash (for want of a better description) in comparison to the current old ones. Selfish of me to request this, sure it is, One if not the only reason i continued to rank up my Mastery was because of the current sigils you change those an this Tenno has no reason to grind them out.
  2. As a player with zero interest in this system i would like a 100% Opt out feature in all honesty. Returning player took a year away from Warframe an i can say with certainty that after being forced to fight a Litch i just can't be bothered with it all. Guess i'll come back in another year see if it's any more bearable then. Toodles Tenno.
  3. Indeed this is a frelling joke of a frustrating issue for sure. Came back to the game after a burnout break specifically for the recent updates, but it seems DE's game accretion issues persist and are only getting worse with the more janky stuff they insist on adding. Frell it i'm done for good this time.
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