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  1. Thanks for all you do, man. Cya at Tcon. *also "Provas out for Drew"
  2. mogamu

    Hotfix 16.8.4

  3. mogamu

    Hi, I'm The Voice Of Tyl Regor

    Well done, glad to see you actually found your way to all of our fangirling for the performance. "gi-iiiiiive unto the voi-iiiid" lol.
  4. mogamu

    Hotfix 16.0.3

    Thanks !!!
  5. mogamu

    New Contest: Mirroring Reality

    I'm not entering to win, just doing it for the lol.
  6. mogamu

    Hotfix 14.0.9

    I don't usually reply to Hotfixes, but when I do...its this one ^
  7. Grineer "FlameHand" Behavior: Attacks with grenades from a distance. If you get too close, they will slice you with a arm-attached blowtorch. Killing a FlameHand with a head shot will insta-kill it. If it dies of a body shot, it will attempt to suicide with a grenade killing anything within 7 meters .This can be used to your advantage either way. Attacks: napalm grenade throw, fire melee (high proc) and suicide grenade Environment restrictions: Grineer Tile-sets *Dont worry, any grenade about to detonate beeps violently. Run Tenno run!@!@
  8. mogamu

    Hotfix 9.4.1: Double Affinity Weekend!

    WOOT! Whos the best game are...thats who ^_^ I take a break because of the bug and go get something to eat. I come back and its fixed. *goes back to my weekend mission of adding insane amounts of forma to my flux.
  9. mogamu

    Update 7.11.0: Vauban!

    Have fun with those two "V" attack spots on Banshee ...lolol. *ouch