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  1. Thanks for all you do, man. Cya at Tcon. *also "Provas out for Drew"
  2. Well done, glad to see you actually found your way to all of our fangirling for the performance. "gi-iiiiiive unto the voi-iiiid" lol.
  3. I'm not entering to win, just doing it for the lol.
  4. I don't usually reply to Hotfixes, but when I do...its this one ^
  5. Grineer "FlameHand" Behavior: Attacks with grenades from a distance. If you get too close, they will slice you with a arm-attached blowtorch. Killing a FlameHand with a head shot will insta-kill it. If it dies of a body shot, it will attempt to suicide with a grenade killing anything within 7 meters .This can be used to your advantage either way. Attacks: napalm grenade throw, fire melee (high proc) and suicide grenade Environment restrictions: Grineer Tile-sets *Dont worry, any grenade about to detonate beeps violently. Run Tenno run!@!@
  6. WOOT! Whos the best game studio...you are...thats who ^_^ I take a break because of the bug and go get something to eat. I come back and its fixed. *goes back to my weekend mission of adding insane amounts of forma to my flux.
  7. Have fun with those two "V" attack spots on Banshee ...lolol. *ouch
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