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  1. https://gyazo.com/611f9ffa47bffc5cd8f0204e5dab6bee


    I'd like to see this fixed at some point. This isn't a shallow pool of water and the spear rebounds as if im hitting the ground. Whatever mesh was used to make the water fishable in some caves was clearly misplaced or has come unaligned.

    This particular Cave also does not register the luminescent dye, new fish will spawn without being highlighted and sometimes fish no where near me get highlighted randomly from it.


    Circled in black is the cave in question.



  2. 21 hours ago, -Data-Reaper- said:

    Not trying to sound d1kish but it really isnt the same. all those frames you guys are referring to werent part of a founders pack or time limited deal. The reason we're asking for us to be able to do this is simply the fact that- 1. we paid for it, 2. Excal Prime deserves a touch up or something (since he really hasnt had any except a pbr change), and 3. For player who've been here THAT long, we need to see something cool come out of that purchase other than a playable skin. Im just speaking from the eyes of an Excal prime owner/ Vet. is all

    Yes hello 5 years in my account, Vet too, could of been a founder but didn't really know if WF would sink or float. I get you're not trying to be rude, but understand this.


    You basically donated money to help get this game off the ground, help DE keep the lights on, and keep people from going unemployed. In return, you got your Sigil/Glyph/ExcalP/PrimeWeapons/WhatHave you. Yes it would be cool to  get more out of that donation, but you got what you paid for. I don't mean for that to come off as rude, but, to expect more from that *now* just seems to be a bit of salt now that something came out that's better.


    In which comes the problem with an MMO or most online games: Something better always comes out or something gets reworked into being garbage. Just be glad you get to keep your Sigils, ExcalP, SkanaP, LatoP, and your skins as exclusives. Because I'm sure some online games  would happy re-release those kinds of things if it meant profit.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Branjasopia said:

    When switching to Umbra from the arsenal, the UI stops working and your trapped in the arsenal unless you alt+f4.

    I actually cant progress because of this. If I switch to umbra and close the game it reverts to the warframe I was using before I switched.

  4. I think arcane, meaning archaic, which can be used to describe old technology, could allude to them being from the orokin era or it could simply be a nod to the old arcane helmets before their blueprints were removed from the game.

    As for how operators could use them, it would make sense for their to be arcanes developed for warframes to enhance their statistics, so why not the operator I guess.

  5. 1 hour ago, seprent said:

    what about the portion of people who said the place holder was 200 kuva when we were shown it on the devstream unless i missed one today the amount of the place holder was 20. though not sure what i was expecting my opinion of the thread was reached before i started reading people complaining about things they want to happen and de is evil and mean if they dont give it, it's like a god damn kid in a candy store throwing a fit because he feels he deserves 2 candy bars because he was bored when he was told to wait for one after waiting 10 minutes and i was right should have just stopped when i read Voltage make his daily opinion but i gave the benefit of the doubt since DE actually gave them something to do but nooooo its not the way the "vets" want it the moment its given to them everyone riot reeeeee. insulting impersonations aside im just going take what im given de will improve it and change things around with time, im going to continue having fun in the game happy i dont have to deal with pricks during kuva siphons and can mindlessly gather kuva from doing survivals with my gf. NB4 someone calls me a DE white knight fanboy who thinks DE can do no wrong when in reality im just tired of whinny people constantly shouting their opinion the loudest in hopes DE will listen and do what they want and then complain again regardless of what DE does and me mentally hoping common sense will smack them upside the head and say stop it get some help then i dont know go buy some chicken Mc nuggets... i shouldn't rant when im hungry but goddamn i feel better now still hungry but better

    I count that as a misc comment tbh but I suppose you could split it .5% misc .5% placeholder Kuva.


    Also you should space up your sentences or split this into two paragraphs to make it easier to read.  Not complaining, just would be easier on the eyes.


    Overall: As a Vet player myself I kind of agree but I do see where some of them come from, tbh. However what I feel is unwarranted is the sense of immediate entitlement some within the community have. Frankly its utterly disgusting.

  6. Thread Synopsis for people looking at the latest page or flipping though:

    WOW INAROS SKIN.3% (What hey! It really sucks actually dammit DE same 3%, mostly, say 2.5%)

    "Endless Kuva is Trash and DE should apologize and make the Kuva scale" - 85% of thread.

    "Endless Kuva isn't that bad." - 5% of thread.

    "Its just placeholder Kuva" .5%

    Vets yelling at each other for various reasons: 1%

    Thank you for the update, roughly 4%

    New Sword Skin is rad: roughly 1%

    Misc Comments .5%


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  7. 20 minutes ago, Wind_Blade said:

    I hate this update (personnaly) raids are great and even if you don't like them (i can understand why) DE need to stop "balancing" stuff for the casual players only because they are too low level for get them

    Raids were fun sure and for a while I had a good group for doing them but we got fed up with soft locks and things bugging out completely. It stops being 'fun' when you can't even get past parts of the trial.

  8. 1 minute ago, phoenix1992 said:

    Do you always jump on a quote before you read trough the full extend or just some times?

    I made my point and answered to a quote of it.

    Context is important, otherwise you open yourself to heavy influences that are not a good thing.  
    An organization that cares for animals is a good and positive thing, but when it is in the context of PETA - the story is different, don't you think? (picked that example due to it's recent relevancy, not due to personal agenda vs PETA)

    Just sometimes yes.

  9. Huh. This is a cool idea. I think the only things I would want are:

    • a Forma bundle or two
    • The Anyocorp Trading Group Noggle Pack
    • Solstice Glyph Pack
    • Credit and Affinity Boosters.

    I really think that's it.

    EDIT: Right I'm on PC IGN is FenrisHellhound

  10. Seeing a lot of the toxicity around it not being bansee and then also not being Gersimi Prime is rather amusing. Wish Banshee got it first I could of waited longer for Valk prime but hey beggars cant be choosers. 


    Also I need to laugh at this one person I met in the relay of Mercury who said: "Valkyr can't be primed, they'll probably stop after banshee. Valkyr will probably get an Umbra though".

    So to you I'd like to take a moment and be smug so: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I WAS RIGHT.

  11. I don't really understand the need to revert this to a mod rather than a passive with 12m.


    Imo the passive was much better and was able to free a mod-slot for better utility. I can't really grasp why people wouldn't want the vacuum as a passive, it could only be a benefit. 

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