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  1. Hi there DE, as u told me in message via support im writing down short versions of my questions for dev stream. Question 1: What's the point of making corrupted enemies corrupted again ( in void fissure missions in void tile set) in order to drop reactants? Question 2: We got Infested themed warframe - Nidus, technology/Corpus based warframe - Vauban. Is there any chance for Grineer based warframe - raw pneumatic technology, heavy weaponry and rocket jumps? Question 3: Any chance for more syndicate quest lines like for Harrow/Nidus/Titania? I feel like Arbiters of Hexis need more attention, to show and warn us about old dark Teeno way... Question 4: Can we get more lore about Stalker and how he recruited Acolyte and how was his life before "Teeno Rebelion" Event? Question 5: When we get range stat to the meele weapons? At this point of the game when we got at least 2 mods to affect weapon range the only way to find out it's range is to test in simmaris test map and we really lack this in game. Question 6: Why we got no normal Dakra wepon in the game, we got primed version, we got dex version that is dual sword version but there is no normal version - it's planned to be as a part of future new warframe weapon or just this weapon was skipped? Question 7: Can we get some info about first ever created cephalon (let's nickname him Cephalon Prime)?
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