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  1. I know about the thing you're describing. Shaking your mouse doesn't speed the tick rate up, only makes the damage numbers bigger, which I never said you couldn't do. And no, I don't gauge how good an ability is by it's damage potential but rather how it feels. Sol Gate feels bad to use. Simple as that.
  2. It's not about my knowledge of said ability. I know what I'm doing, but it feels clunky and slow, no matter how you use it. You may disagree with me but don't try to put it as if I didn't know of some secret thing that suddenly makes it go faster. Edit: the post you provided only goes to further my point. You can just use amprex instead of having muscle spasms with your mouse in hand while using the ability.
  3. Even if it does, it's unnoticeable. I'm thinking 10 ticks /s kind of deal, not once, maybe twice per second, it just feels sooo clunky...
  4. Buffing Sol Gate's damage doesn't make it good. Lower the damage and make the tick rate higher, like most beam weapons work, then I'll think about using it. The ability is absolutely pointless at the moment, even with 500 more damage.
  5. What about fixing Wisp's Sol Gate? Being unable to deal with Eximus units using her 4th ability is really bad.
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