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  1. Parvos isn't exactly a stereotypical villain, but make no mistake - he's no good dude either. Or at least not on our side.
  2. Rivens were a mistake. Let's not do that again, especially with Warframes.
  3. It's an engraved shield. Get your mind out of the gutter, would you?
  4. Toggle / replacement for Rank 10 gunnery when? I'm keeping it at 9 unless it's getting changed.
  5. Still waiting for toggle/changes to rank 10 gunnery. I refuse to gimp myself with two downgrades at once.
  6. Can we at least get a toggle for rank 10 gunnery or am I just keeping it at 9 indefinitely?
  7. Wasn't able to watch the devstream live, but after having caught up with the news, I'm really worried about all the "feedback collection" they've been doing. What's the point of collecting feedback, if you're just gonna say "you're wrong, it's staying as is"..? I'm really trying not to give up on this game, but god dammit are you making it hard for me with the hills you choose to die on...
  8. Refer to the post above yours. Aim snap for me is a downside in it's own right. I do agree that the rank 9 gunnery perk is good, very good even, but It doesn't change the fact that the rank 10 one is a hindrance. I was against it without the overheat back in its first iteration, and nothing has changed since then.
  9. See, discrediting other people's opinions based on something as arbitrary as "well... forums." doesn't help your argument. Secondly, it's not the heat accretion that is the problem for most of us - personally, I see the aim snap as a hindrance more than help. If you then look at it that way, you have a perk that hinders your abilties and a downside to top it off. And to reiterate - if DE doesn't want the perk to change at all, at least give players a toggle for those that don't like it and want the mastery / completion value. Simple.
  10. Preach. The issue is not the downside itself (which, admittedly, shouldn't be a thing if we can't toggle the upgrades off and on), but that I absolutely hate the aim snap with a burning passion - it disrupts my efforts more than it ever helps, making it a downside, with another downside on top of it. Give me a toggle if you don't want to change it, so I can get the mastery and move on, or just throw the whole aim snap concept away and replace it with something else. The +20% faster heat accretion is, in essence, the final nail in the coffin (as I've stated before), not the only one.
  11. Considering the formula for rare mods, it'd be exactly 31457250 endo. That's 31,5 million. I don't think my whole inventory exceeds 3 million total 😅
  12. While I can understand someone could possibly want something like that, I absolutely hate the aim snap, and slapping a downgrade onto it just made me go "yeah no, you're staying at rank 9" the second I opened up the intrinsic panel. I wouldn't even use it without the increased heat accretion, but it boggles my mind why somebody would put it in as a rank 10 as it is, despite the perk already being bad / not worth the effort even in it's previous iteration. ...At least let me disable the damn thing if you're not going to make it any better.
  13. So now we have to spend around 300k endo to get back to the power level we've had before? K. See you next update.
  14. Let us disable the effect / remove the downside of turret heat on rank 10 gunnery. It's another Void Radiance situation - I'm not gonna rank it up to 10 since most of the time I find the aim snap annoying, making it overheat my guns faster is the final nail in the coffin.
  15. Stop misleading people. We don't have anything about the "complete wreckage" tiers from DE as of yet, so you're assuming at best. Wait for DE to respond, then we'll know for sure.
  16. I'd wait until further notice, maybe they will specify. If I see no news until the weekend, I'll just farm out a bunch of useless parts and repair them to be safe.
  17. Yeah we really need some clarification. Literally nobody understands what the dev workshop meant by "completed wreckage".
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