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  1. So far I've only seen new players shy away from doing Liches for the simple fact that they were getting destroyed. What you say might happen in some very fringe cases, but other than that you're blowing the thing waaaaay out of proportions. Seriously. How many MR 0-10's have you seen with a Kuva Bramma?
  2. So from what I've seen the game does award credits (notably, I went from 16 mil to 16,3 mil by just doing a single run of Ruse War Field [Yes, I had a booster]), it's just that the game doesn't show you for some reason.
  3. Everything seems worse now because the TTK is higher again which means things aren't as fast paced as before. And well, I'd rather have Seeker Volley do SOMETHING than be as effective in combat as a wet fart. That's just my opinion. Also: I like how you said "very common drop chance" when it's a 0.1% chance from two existing enemies
  4. Hope so. I'm not gonna play it until it is enjoyable again.
  5. Okay. I will admit that makes a lot of sense. My question then is: can't we go back to the pre-hotfix rockets? Pretty please? Having tested out the damage again today everything about railjack seems again. And here I was thinking it would stay enjoyable. Yikes.
  6. Holy crap can we revert Railjack to the state it was in before this hotfix? Damage is terrible again, Seeker volley does almost nothing. Feels like we went back in time before the revisit happened. I really hope it wasn't all due to the bug because if it was, I don't like the "fixed" version.
  7. Holy crap what did they do to Seeker Volley? It felt good and I praised DE for the positive changes since it actually became useful, but now after the hotfix we're back to square one.
  8. You're implying rivens are hard to get. It's also not a drop from a singular stream, you need to tune in for 2 hours combined on 4 different days. Lastly, I really don't care about the rewards, I just found the wording funny, if not simply false.
  9. B-but... That's not even half a riven..?
  10. I personally think it's okay not to have anything special over 1k logins. Just imagine being a new player and someone tells you that to unlock a specific weapon you need to log in every single day for 2 years straight. Not fun. Also, I'm already getting free 2-day boosters, which can also extend the duration of any boosters you already have. That's not something to scoff at. (At some point in the future, we should statistically be able to have permanent boosters by just logging in every day. But I can't be bothered to do the math, maybe someone else will 😄 )
  11. Still no changes to the 100 murex requirement.
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