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  1. The camera itself doesn't shake when she moves so I can't fathom what it is you're doing that could be making you sick. Are you talking about just her walking animation or something?
  2. I'd like to suggest adding an aim/zoom function to Sol Gate. It doesn't actually need to zoom but it would reduce the visual effect so you can have not black energy and still see what you're looking at. I'd prefer if it were a toggle like this rather than go full Mirage and ruin the ability so we can still enjoy the visual if we want. That said most of the time I'm just staring at my mini map to find out where I'm going and can't help but wonder if Primed Animal Instinct was made specifically with this ability in mind.
  3. I need the fluffy skins now, also after just checking Kubrows it seems like they don't actually have any physics on their fur so it would be cool to see added.
  4. That's definitely a way of doing it if that's your play style, I tend to almost never use her teleport unless I need the iframes to heal or something so I didn't really think about that. I mainly use a strength build for the motes (which I still prefer to vitality if nothing else because it helps everyone out) and spam breach surge (which is nice to have positive range on) with the occasional Sol Gate because it's like the best thing ever but I might try your build out for a survival game and see how it goes. Still not sure there isn't some alternative though since those Umbra mods eat 32 points without a forma for them, I might mess around and see if adaptation is worth using on her since she has a ton of regen.
  5. True, I just figured if they had it it might already be in there somewhere.
  6. Kubrows don't have any? On topic I don't really see them changing existing frames but I would like to see some more variation in the future but they are sort of all over the place with the newer frames so I think we'll get there
  7. TBH I don't really think Wisp needs Fleeting Expertise or Narrow Minded, if you're playing any of the defense type modes then her motes have a practically infinite duration and Breach Surge will last long enough for you to kill everything anyway, Sol Gate can benefit from it if that's your thing but something like primed continuity and a streamline mod would work just as well. Not that she can't benefit from duration and efficiency but I think it's pretty inefficient to be using unnecessary corrupted mods and then wasting a slot trying to compensate for them. Not to mention she has one of the largest energy pools in the game so she can get away with having less efficiency on her abilities a lot easier than other frames. I'm also not sure she really needs a vitality mod at all for that matter since building for strength and just using her health mote will give you a huge amount of HP.
  8. Wil-O-Wisp has stacking invulnerability, normally you get a couple of seconds but if you spam it it will stack indefinitely, had it going on for about 10 minutes earlier today.
  9. https://www.warframe.com/lotus-packs/ Still waiting...
  10. If you have no actual attachment to the clan and it's dead then you might want to find another but clan rosters are locked after it begins so there's no point after it starts. You should be able to solo rewards if the last event was anything to go off of but if you want to help the clan aspect of it (probably getting some sort of research or something) then you might want to either recruit or join a more active clan since it would be hard to solo leaderboards.
  11. Maybe just add an indicator next to their portrait like we have for regular forma.
  12. No event has ever been given an end date from the inbox and I have over five years of backlog in my inbox to prove that. You should have just looked at the news section, the messages even flash when they're new to draw attention.
  13. Give everyone Hildryn's passive because it's ridiculously good.
  14. That was the warning, it was openly communicated it was going to end, they gave you an in-game date as well as forum posts weeks in advance. If you don't bother to even look at the news section that's kind of on you, I also don't really see why you'd bother stockpiling wolf cred when nothing was really all that expensive and it had an expiration attached to it. I guess they could have put together some seizure inducing display while having a message flash across your entire screen in big letters that it was ending but that seems a bit much.
  15. You upload it on your computer from you account management page, why would you try to put it on your Xbox?
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