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  1. I'd like to suggest adding an aim/zoom function to Sol Gate. It doesn't actually need to zoom but it would reduce the visual effect so you can have not black energy and still see what you're looking at. I'd prefer if it were a toggle like this rather than go full Mirage and ruin the ability so we can still enjoy the visual if we want.

    That said most of the time I'm just staring at my mini map to find out where I'm going and can't help but wonder if Primed Animal Instinct was made specifically with this ability in mind.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, (PS4)Hikuro-93 said:

    Tbh I mostly want good fur physics to be introdced so we can get vv these vv, as well as anything like it that may come after. I'm madly in love with those skins (or any winter-themed skins tbh), and hopeful since DE has been refining their game more and more. Let's hope.


    I need the fluffy skins now, also after just checking Kubrows it seems like they don't actually have any physics on their fur so it would be cool to see added.

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  3. 21 hours ago, Stormandreas said:

    Completely agree. You need some form of Duration and Efficiency though, as you've said Primed Continuity and Streamline. That said, she works best spamming her Breach Surge, teleporting around and going in and out of Sol Gate, which is why I recommend FE instead, as doing that eats a LOT of energy which FE mitigates.

    I've tried running with just FE, and I ran out of energy pretty easily even with Primed Flow. That said, I like to teleport around every 2-5 seconds and annihilate everything in that area. Some people don't, so it makes sense that they wouldn't use FE, but Streamline instead. However none of the Corrupted Mods are unnecessary here. FE allows ability Spam. NM boosts duration to give a bit longer on the Motes and reduce the energy cost of Sol Gate, while ALSO countering the effects of FE and TF.
    So if you're someone who doesn't like to do the Teleport spam, Streamline would easily work instead of FE, meaning you can replace Narrow Minded with Primed continuity and remove Stretch, if that's your preferred playstyle. However the main key areas to build for are still there

    The Vitality Mote does give a nice boost in HP, but Vitality is pretty necessary unless you sacrifice Efficiency. She's very squishy if her health starts being hit (due to next to no armour), which it will, and having Umbral Vitality not only boosts your Health by a significant portion (more efficiently than a Max Strength Vitality mote would do), but also boosts your strength alongside Umbral Intensify.
    For the maths:
    Vitality mote provides 300 HP base. Adding on the maximum power strength of +237% (337%), this then results in the following:
    300 x 3.37 = 1011 HP. So the Vitality mote would give you 1011 extra HP, bringing your total to 1311HP at Rank 30, however not only requires 6 mods plus an aura, but also lowers your Efficiency and Duration by 55% and 27.5% respectively, 2 areas you really can't afford to lose with Wisp.

    Umbral Vitality however, gives you 550% more HP (including Umbral Intensify on there), resulting in this:
    100 x (1 + 5.5) + 200 = 850 TOTAL HP.
    Now we add on the Vitality mote (let's just take my build as an example). My mote gives an additional 630 HP.
    So now my total is 1480, resulting in a higher total HP, while only lowering Duration by 27.5, and only requiring 3 mods to do it allowing me to easily make that Duration back up.

    That's definitely a way of doing it if that's your play style, I tend to almost never use her teleport unless I need the iframes to heal or something so I didn't really think about that.

    I mainly use a strength build for the motes (which I still prefer to vitality if nothing else because it helps everyone out) and spam breach surge (which is nice to have positive range on) with the occasional Sol Gate because it's like the best thing ever but I might try your build out for a survival game and see how it goes. Still not sure there isn't some alternative though since those Umbra mods eat 32 points without a forma for them, I might mess around and see if adaptation is worth using on her since she has a ton of regen.

  4. 21 hours ago, (PS4)Hikuro-93 said:

    I mean as in longer and realistic furs, and them waving like real furs. And applying such physics to gear, as in a winter coat. Most kubrow furs are pretty scrawny and made to just look "remotely" like fur. At least for me, I mean.

    True, I just figured if they had it it might already be in there somewhere.

  5. 1 minute ago, (PS4)Hikuro-93 said:

    Imagine if they brought fur physics. The tennogen possibilities *.*

    Kubrows don't have any?

    On topic I don't really see them changing existing frames but I would like to see some more variation in the future but they are sort of all over the place with the newer frames so I think we'll get there

  6. TBH I don't really think Wisp needs Fleeting Expertise or Narrow Minded, if you're playing any of the defense type modes then her motes have a practically infinite duration and Breach Surge will last long enough for you to kill everything anyway, Sol Gate can benefit from it if that's your thing but something like primed continuity and a streamline mod would work just as well.

    Not that she can't benefit from duration and efficiency but I think it's pretty inefficient to be using unnecessary corrupted mods and then wasting a slot trying to compensate for them. Not to mention she has one of the largest energy pools in the game so she can get away with having less efficiency on her abilities a lot easier than other frames.

    I'm also not sure she really needs a vitality mod at all for that matter since building for strength and just using her health mote will give you a huge amount of HP.

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  7. If you have no actual attachment to the clan and it's dead then you might want to find another but clan rosters are locked after it begins so there's no point after it starts.

    You should be able to solo rewards if the last event was anything to go off of but if you want to help the clan aspect of it (probably getting some sort of research or something) then you might want to either recruit or join a more active clan since it would be hard to solo leaderboards.

  8. 7 minutes ago, (PS4)Wanderkrowe said:

    Or you know, a simple message to our inbox, like many more, less important events get.

    No event has ever been given an end date from the inbox and I have over five years of backlog in my inbox to prove that. You should have just looked at the news section, the messages even flash when they're new to draw attention.

  9. 1 minute ago, (PS4)Wanderkrowe said:

    it may have been put into the news section on the orbiter but I don't remember getting any real warning about this.

    That was the warning, it was openly communicated it was going to end, they gave you an in-game date as well as forum posts weeks in advance.

    If you don't bother to even look at the news section that's kind of on you, I also don't really see why you'd bother stockpiling wolf cred when nothing was really all that expensive and it had an expiration attached to it.

    I guess they could have put together some seizure inducing display while having a message flash across your entire screen in big letters that it was ending but that seems a bit much.

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  10. 7 minutes ago, AndouRaiton said:

    Also, another thing they can do, which i highly recommend is REMOVE PRECEPT MODS and instead make them abilities for the pets themselves, like how warframe abilities used to be mods but now aren't.

    Things such as sentinel attack mods should not be there; if you don't want it to attack just don't give it a weapon.

    As for MOAs just simply open up an ability selection screen to select which precepts you want it to have.

    Edit: this will not only reduce mod cost but open up more mod slots.

    Not sure how "necessary" it is to keep precept mods but they're good to have since they let you set their priority, If I want my helios to scan things before it kills them then I just put that before the attack precept and it will prioritize scanning.

    I'd much rather they just make them 0 cost or something so we can keep that utility.

  11. 2 hours ago, (XB1)DakVoidcloaker said:

    Right, well that seems like a bug.  I'm certainly not sticking around if I'm going to be triggering AFK warnings.  I'm horrified to find out that this would be the cause of missing the reward as I consider myself far from that kind of player.  Not to mention if these are logged somewhere to trigger a ban at some later date.

    The "reward" for sticking around would be all the loot you got up until that point, if it were a bug I'm sure they would have fixed it by now in the years it has been around. You're technically doing nothing while dead and if it didn't trip the timer then people would just abuse that like they abused the system before it was implemented in the first place.

  12. 31 minutes ago, (XB1)DakVoidcloaker said:

    I just finished 30 rounds of Survival and only got 2 vitus, and seemingly just two rewards of endo.  There is NO WAY that I stood still for any part of the 30 minutes other than being dead for a while (teammates revived the other guy who died after me first).  Guessing no one at Digital Extremes considered the inactivity timer when updating Arbitrations.  Typical, and likely something that would have been caught by a decent code test suite.

    Being dead will cause you to be considered AFK if you're out for long enough.

  13. 48 minutes ago, Birdframe_Prime said:

    Before I start...

    Super Jump is now Bullet Jump, we get that function for free, why have it cost energy? (And before you say 'invisibility', that was a band-aid function DE slapped on after a year or so because the ability itself wasn't any good on its own.) And as compensation we got Exalted Blade on top of the rest of his kit. Rift Walk is now Limbo's passive and Limbo was then improved by adding in his time stop CC, the ability was not removed. Radial Blast was simply combined into Stomp to give that ability a bit of damage too and Rhino got Roar on that cast which is actually better in every situation than Radial Blast ever was. Vauban's kit is all still there and has only been added to even if the game has moved on past what he actually does. Sorry, my friend, but the only thing that you've noted on that list that's actually right is Overheat. And one exception does not disprove the overall policy in this case.

    What even are you on about? They said no ability has ever been changed so I listed a bunch that have been completely changed.

    Super Jump was removed and became exalted blade. It didn't become bullet jump and both existed at the same time for quite a while. It was useless so they got rid of it and gave him something good. (that's the entire reason why band-aid Heavy Impact exists)

    Rift Walk was removed and became Za Warudo Stasis, just because he can passively do it now doesn't mean that an ability in his kit wasn't changed.

    Radial Blast was removed and became Roar, it being merged into another ability has nothing to do with anything.

    I included Vauban because they have stated that he is going to receive a full rework of his entire kit because his pure CC isn't useful compared to what newer frames can do. You didn't disprove anything I said at all. There were abilities that were changed or scrapped and became or were replaced with totally different abilities.

  14. 16 minutes ago, kyori said:

    Sadly as with all previous and future frames, once the power is decided n implemented, it will not change. It will only be tweaked, adjusted etc. It will not change to a total different ability.

    Nowadays, take the theme and the ability of the frame with a pinch of salt as they are not necessarily related.

    Super Jump, Rift Walk, Radial Blast, Overheat, and soon to be pretty much all of Vauban's kit would like to have a word with you.

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