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  1. Warframe is F2P, F2P games survive off of things like making people wait and letting them pay not to. The reason Umbra is so short is because it's tied to a quest and they didn't like making people wait forever to complete them.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Acersecomic said:

    Same as everything. Serration, Split Chamber, Point Strike, Vital Sense, two Dual Stats and you have room left for two mods of your choice. Vigilante Armaments, Hunter Munitions, 90% elementals, Argon Scope, Hammer Shot...

    So should I just build it like I would a sniper?

  3. I've been on a break for a while so I haven't been keeping up with changelogs or anything but whenever I use Sound Quake it will pulse and then end immediately, I don't have this issue with any other channeled abilities so is this a bug or did they change something with it to make it function differently.

  4. While it might be nice to have weapons that fit with a Warframe cosmetically I don't really think it particularly matters one way or another, seems more like marketing to get you to buy useless weapons more than anything else to me, Saryn got bundled with a braton of all things and that has seemingly nothing at all to do with her kit.

  5. 2 minutes ago, (Xbox One)SupremeMorpheus said:

    As an xbox clan leader myself, let me try and cut out some of the ambiguity here.

    The general rule is the same as PC: next update it'll apply, unless there's an issue in which case they'll email you with why it was rejected. As our updates aren't quite as common, it may take a while

    In saying that, however, if you've been waiting pre-Plague Star update then you should definitely have it by now. Possibly even if you uploaded it after, due to the patch the other day. Maybe check your email? And check the image you uploaded, be certain it fits their technical specs (200px by 200px png if I remember correctly,but check for yourself just incase I'm wrong. It's been a long time since I last uploaded an emblem)

    I don't know when the last update was for Xbox One but if they sent it in just before an update then it may be they didn't get to it yet in which case it should still be next update assuming there was no problem with the emblem.

  6. 14 hours ago, FairyTael said:

    The zone is still limited to 4 players, why wouldn't it use Host Connection?

    Must have missed that then, looked like NPCs and other players were being handled in the same way they are in relays so I just figured they'd use a similar system to do it however if the map is small enough it can still probably be pre-loaded at all times maps we currently have can keep track of enemies a good distance away so I still don't think moving too far away from them would ever be an issue.

  7. From what I saw it looked like it was all just pre-rendered world space like any mmo and would probably be hosted on a server like the relays so that the enviornment persists when things aren't being rendered so I doubt moving "too" fast would ever be an issue if you ever had issues with rendering things it would be something for you to fix in your settings like lowering your rendering distance so you don't load and unload half the map every 3 seconds because you like playing with your glaive with Ivara.

  8. 5 minutes ago, (PS4)blacksebas2002 said:

    I just want to know if it will go after a week if it does well I'm ok with waiting

    There's no way of knowing aside from waiting, if it takes any longer than a week though you can probably make a ticket to support about it doesn't seem like something you'd be banned for that long for.

    Also some bans are just immediate ones that are resolved by reloging so if you're just paranoid about being banned and haven't done so yet you can try that.

  9. I don't think I've ever seen one linked in chat so unless I'm mistaken the method for selling them is describing what it looks like in chat and then when you get to the actual trading booth they can view it from there and decide if they want to buy it from you. (you put it up for trade and there should be an option to view imprints for them)

  10. 1 hour ago, Echorion said:

    That would be pretty abuseable if you could swap clans. Going from no clan to a clan might have been fine.

    Also how it is worded in the explanation thread. You can get the equipment sure even solo, but the blueprint is listed only under:


    There are plenty of rewards for Clans of all tiers – read on to learn what could await you and your Clan! Remember: When the Operation starts, your rosters are LOCKED. No new members can join to compete, and new clans formed won’t count for competition!


    So I don't believe you can get the blueprint if you join a clan after, form a clan after, or change from one clan to another. If it is then their own thread is incorrect and should have been updated.


    It was updated you just didn't read it, directly from the page under the requirements to get the BP:

    *New clans formed or newly joined members during the Operation will be eligible for this since this is the first time Clan presence is needed for an Operation Weapon.  

  11. Unless you are @(PS4)LeBlingKing69 then no, this isn't allowed, you cannot share accounts.

    If you are then it's fine plenty of people have both console and PC accounts so they can play with friends and be able to play updates.

    Edit: I guess someone else can make the account specifically for you if they don't intend to use it but that wouldn't really make any sense...

  12. 4 minutes ago, Echorion said:

    Edit: Also "  i know, i know what people will say. u should of joined another clan but i didnt think i could do that in middle of the event. " you couldn't have anyways, rosters were locked for the duration of the event.

    You could have actually, you would have only been able to get the BP and your score would not have counted for the clan but they net new clans/members enter for the BP because it was locked behind a clan operation.

  13. 3 minutes ago, ChuckMaverick said:

    Where are you looking to find your clan's score?

    If new members have joined since the rosters were fixed at the start of the event then the score shown in 'Clan Statistics' is not the correct value for the competitive rewards.

    You need to look under Esc > Profile > Leaderboards > Archived > The Pacifism Defect > Ranking > Clan.

    This cleared it up then, thanks wasn't showing their scores in the beginning so I assumed it wasn't counting them the whole time.

  14. 8 minutes ago, -MortisThorne- said:


    Report your own post and nicely ask a mod to move it when it prompts you for a reason.

    I'd certainly like to see some way to boost endo but I'd kind of prefer if it just got thrown in with resources since we already have like 4 different kinds.

  15. So it's been a few hrs now and my clan hasn't gotten the research, we were a ghost clan with 2.3k so I assume we qualify for it, has anyone else not gotten it yet? Am I gonna have to make a ticket for this? Says all rewards have been sent in the build notes so I'm just curious whether or not I read the leaderboards wrong.

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