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  1. Overall I like the event, it makes it much easier for clans to expand and hopefully shows DE still knows they exist. My biggest issue is the fact that the "Victory" reward tier is not only double the current requirements for the "Hardcore" tier (hopefully they never assume any clans are 100% full and active again) but the gold trophy was basically less than the participation tier until they adjusted it which really kills the appeal of getting gold when a solo clan can achieve it with 0 effort.

    I don't have any issue with the way the Ignis was done since it's basically no different than any other weapon with the exception of giving some clans permanent access to it, like past events, if you try you're basically guaranteed to get it and while it might be rough in an inactive clan larger than ghost I don't really see that as a problem given the warning they gave for the event over 2 weeks prior.

  2. To have everything not only would they need to be a grandmaster founder but a Guide of the Lotus, and an Admin on the Wiki, and have won the no longer hosted blade and gun challenges, and have been in the top tier for kills before they closed the leaderboards, and have attended tennocon every time it was hosted, just to name a few so I can say this with 100% certainty, no player has everything in the game.

  3. Name: Serenity

    Faction: Sentient

    Animations: Will use scythe animations but will probably need a special holster animation.


    When holstered the scythe’s grip will collapse and the blades will fold in to properly fit on the Tenno.

    When held the handle will expand and the blades will unfurl, the handle expands by breaking into asymmetrical pieces and being held in place by energy similar to War’s effects.

    When channeled the scythe will expand increasing its range, no metal will be added but rather it will use energy effects similar to War to expand the blades while still retaining their metal parts within.

    While channeled a charge attack will afflict all enemies hit with fear for a few seconds.

    Art: (Working on it but I’m not much of an artist)

  4. There is no chance of this happening unless the builds are the same so wait until the site says PC and Xbox One are on the same build then wait and see if Microsoft cares enough to allow migrations, it won't be happening anytime soon so you're probably better off just starting over on Xbox One if you want to play with your friends right now.

  5. Just now, Praxxor said:

    Steve said that they're thinking of utilizing Vulkan API in the future, Vulkan runs on pretty much everything that has the horses to run it, especially Linux. And TBH DX11 is a little too old by now, and Vulkan is likely to be more beneficial for Warframe's future than DX12 at the APIs' current stages. Linux is NOT hard to develop for, DX11 was easy to develop with because of the sheer amount of people who had experience with it, but low-level APIs like DX12 and Vulkan are the craze right now.

    The problem isn't that Linux is "Hard" to develop for (it's not really hard just tedious), the issue is the sheer number of distrobutions they would need to make it compatible with and the lack of Linux users would probably make it hard for them to make a profit on something centered around open-source software use. Vulkan could certainly be applied to a Linux OS but they'd need either a separate team or more time to develop for it which I don't think the potential for profit would justify.

  6. Just saying in general Linux is a huge pain to develop for since there are so many variations with so little users to market to (not that nobody uses Linux but it is way lower than any other OS and then that is further split between all the versions of Linux) so most companies probably won't be able to make much of a profit developing for it, there's also the issue of Linux not exactly making development easy whereas Windows and even Macs offer development kits for this stuff which have tons of tools to streamline the process. Linux is probably the most work you can put into developing anything for the lowest possible pay out.

    Honestly if they're going to expand to any new OS it should probably be Mac first just off the merit that there are far more Mac users than Linux users.

  7. 11 hours ago, Bibliothekar said:

    Those Uranus corridors don't provide much in terms of cover that enemies can't walk around quickly. Especially when you come through a door and find yourself in a group of them.

    Christ, guys, what's the heck is wrong with you? I just want a simple change/addition to the ability that allows me to use it a bit more freely and without having to fear for my life at higher levels. Why can't you just say "yes, this is a problem and should be dealt with" instead of offering half-baked advice on how I should change my playstyle to accommodate for it?

    If that's the case then all it takes is a little common sense to know not to use it, Sound quake isn't meant to be a panic button with that cast time so if something is really that close to you then use sonic boom instead, ending the ability in a blast proc on everything actually makes it a lot more OP than it is now and is completely unnecessary.

    This isn't a problem at all and you should be adjusting your playstyle, she has 3 other powers 2 of which CC and you're treating this as if you can only use her 4, there should be downsides to something as powerful as sound quake and it's perfectly fair. If you play any frame with the mindset that only one of their powers is useful then that's on you to overcome there are plenty of solutions to this.

  8. 38 minutes ago, Z_Stinger said:

    can DE actually tell wich is right?

    Just saying if you wanted the actual thing from DE instead of the exact copy pasted post from the Wiki you can just go to the event page where they actually updated the formatting to clarify this, New clans can still do it but they will only be eligible for the blueprint.

    40 minutes ago, Z_Stinger said:


    i mean im in a ghost clan that i joined for the event and we did a record of 1016 so we've 4k the clan have 4k right now but we're not getting the ignis


    You never get the operation reward until the event ends since they need to determine who won.

  9. The credit thing is a bug, it was the same instance so it shouldn't have charged you twice, you should be able to take that to support and have them fix it if it really bothers you that much but they usually have backlog so it may be a while.

    The disconnection was probably an issue with the player hosting if that's what happened and it isn't exactly uncommon, I find it's best to play most quests solo unless it's absolutely impossible for you.

  10. Personally I see PAs as more of a "Donate" button you might see for other developments, if you like where they're taking it and have a little extra money why not? They've never really been worth what they charge since ~90% of the value of them is the plat they give but you really don't buy them for the majority of the content considering you can easily go to trading and get most of it for under 500p.

    That said the price itself I don't really think needs much of a change, they need to make a reasonable amount of money and that's what the pack is designed to provide, if you want cheaper just buy some plat with a discount you get from logins.

  11. a) No, there hasn't been any recent change to clan anything in a while aside from new items to research.

    b) aside from the event which drops them derelict seems to be the best way to do it. You could try Eris missions but I personally prefer derelict.

    c)No, they're not going to change their drop rates or the amount that drop in each capsule, they made that abundantly clear with Hema and that was never the problem they're just as common as fieldron and detonite, the problem is they don't drop anywhere but derelict and eris so nobody has them. If they ever make a change it will probably be to how the research resources drop in general, all of them not just mutagen.

  12. 1 hour ago, Bibliothekar said:

    Stunlocking isn't a problem. It's what comes afterwards, when you turn the ability off again (willingly or because you're out of energy). While Banshee is still locked in an animation for a second or two, any left over enemy recovers almost immediately.

    Then just don't use it out in the open, time when you end to the last tick so you get some breathing room, or bring Natural Talent, it seems like a pretty fair risk to me considering you get to stunlock basically the whole map for almost a minute.

  13. I've never had any issue with sound quake stunlocking enemies unless they just ignore the CC like ospreys.

    13 minutes ago, Bibliothekar said:

    Ultimately, I hope for Sound Quake to get a rework and become a less stationary ability, but in the meantime - can we have that knockdown, please?

    Technically it already does knockdown it's just that the stagger from the quake overrides the blast procs.

  14. No, you're just being paranoid.

    They never said it wouldn't make a return and in the FAQs they said they might still add some other way to get it later. You can still buy it off of other players (I assume) so they're not really forcing you to leave anything behind.

    The whole point of this event was to revive clans and help to introduce more relevant gameplay for them since they've been trivial since the removal of dark sectors and even then were borderline useless. I think it has accomplished that pretty well so far, there's healthy competition within the leaderboards and I've experienced some of the easiest recruiting I've ever had at the start of the event.

  15. Just now, (PS4)yoganinja867 said:

    thx a lot for the quick reply but 1 more question will there be amour for the chager?

    I'd imagine so, it's going to use the kubrow skeleton so it should fit it just fine.

    1 minute ago, maj.death said:

    They actualy did say it will be getting a new precept in devstream 89. So it won't have its awful riped off from another kubrow finisher ability... or it might keep it and get something good ontop of.


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