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  1. just got mine today after almost 60 runs, and while it is annoying that its rng based, the fight was a pretty good one, and at least it was new content. it did get a little stale halfway through though. wouldve been nice if you could buy things with the toroids or something like how they have the zaw parts to buy on the plains during the infested events. i have all the fortuna stuff done already, though i can see a new player loving this event with all the resources you get from it.
  2. your first sentence shows you havent actually read anything, your second shows you really havent read anything, because it was a conversation with 2 different people, in which i was mistaken in thinking it showed your in game MR on your profile. you then call the situation sad because it offers no actual conversation while adding nothing of value to the conversation, which is icing on the cake dude, please read things before commenting, youve made yourself look a little silly. dont bother commenting unless you wanna actually discuss the situation inb4 comment that once again adds nothing to the conversation
  3. i wasnt saying your opinion thats incorrect, i was saying its your opinion that i was incorrect. without knowing for sure theres no way i can know im right or you can know youre right. and yea we did get poe and all the other stuff, but compared to other years it wasnt a lot, and DE have publicly acknowledged this. the whole year was mostly tennogen and very small updates compared to previous years. also, that guy and i were kinda being rude to eachother, not it makes it right that i was rude, but either way we both ended up dropping our attitude.
  4. i apologize for being like that as well. should probably have worded my post better, i understand there are people who dont mind going into old content, i should have probably focused more on the positives of putting it in new content rather than the negatives of putting it in old content. youre most likely correct, they probably will put new ones in new content, it just bugs me to see stuff like this, where they could have done something interesting with them.
  5. id be ok with this as well, at least then you know they put effort into it, even though it is still old content. just seems like a wasted opportunity to do something new with them instead of throw them into old stuff at super low drop rates.
  6. but its my opinion that most people wou have gone through the content already woudlnt want to go back, the same way no one goes back to do starchart stuff. ifs your opinion that this is incorrect, and unless we made a poll of all high level mr players, we wouldnt be able to know, it just seems to me its not a stretch to say people dont want to play the same crap again for a less than 5% drop. its also your opinion that the luck of it makes it special, while i dont think thats the case, i just want my frames to look good, i dont put much value into getting lucky. i wish theyd motivate people to play new, interesting content instead of stuff we already have been playing, it just sucks they put them into old content, its an opportunity missed.
  7. i redact my previous statement of you making no conversation. this is kind of what im talking about, a lot of people already have their focus maxed, and its annoying to spend so much time doing something then have to go back to it to just try and get the one thing. i dont mind the two in the exploiters drop table because its at least a new fight. i do mind having to go back to eso because my focus is maxed, and you get 0 resources even from that game mode. its a giant time sink for that 1 item in that case
  8. its my opinion and what any sane person whos already gone through most of the game would say. theres a reason the starchart is void of players, no one is going back to mars to have a good bit of fun in a survival. same for other content that people have already gone through. once you get through with a certain bit of content, chances are you wont go back, and chances are you already played the hell out of it. im also curious what MR rank "silver seeker" is, because im pretty sure that low mr, whcih wile not always indicative of how much youve done, im sure at that level you havent got all the stalker stuff, maxed your focus, etc. for someone like you it might not be that big of a deal cause youre heading towards that content anyways, but for a large portion of the playerbase that have been playing forever and waiting for actual content, the ephemera being locked behind a bunch of old stuff is really annoying
  9. you release something people are excited about behind old content to make it purposely boring to go after? nah, its just laziness
  10. everything is subject to change and you know that because its been done before. rivens have dispositions changed, content gets changed, lets not pretend warframe isnt still holding onto the beta tag so they can do that exact sort of thing.
  11. no one wants to revisit old content. if youve grinded all your focus, got all the stuff from stalker etc, you dont want to go put more time into farming those areas of the game. its good for people who still need to do it, but im pretty sure i remember them saying this is something vets will be interested in. im positive most people do not want to go back and farm stuff with less than 5% drop rates in old content, it just seems lazy. this is why i said if not with plat, just put them in something new. its just a trail of stuff behind you, not prime parts, not arcanes, it has no stat effects or game play to it, its just a cosmetic. the last place it should be put is into old content with stupid low drop rates
  12. Please let us buy them with plat at some point. At least the the drop chance for them will make sense. As it is now its just an extra grind on top of things people already grinded, it doesnt make sense to put them in drop tables of content thats so old. If not buying them with plat, please put them somewhere else, because as is it sorta just seems like lazy placement. i mean some make sense where they are, like shadow being on stalker, but i can tell you that noone who has played this game long enough to get all the stuff from stalker wants to go and farm him again. same goes for the other stuff theyre put in.
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