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  1. Can confirm. I also have that the ability can break if firing the moment its CD was to end. Resulting in the ability not triggering again. AND that as a client in some missions the visual effect activates on every kill, even though the buff should not nor is activating (no buff) The Survival instinct and Sly devolution abilities need some serious fixing by the looks of it.
  2. I need to know i ain't going insane. I keep seeing patches around the ability. Fixing missing FX. or fixing some FX performance thing. But the ability is Literally broken for me! As in it will glitch out and start doing nothing and i just keep getting ignored as if i am the only seeing it. The symptoms are this: On first kill. Ability procs as normal with buff indicator and cancels out as normal on shooting. IF i keep shooting during its "Cooldown" it will proceed to BREAK. After this it will NEVER actually activate again. However if i am a client (not host). The
  3. Seems the "fix" to the Sly Vulpaphyla's Survival instinct is a dud. The ability's core issue is that it is breaking itself rapidly and preventing it from activating for the remainder of the mission. That issue still remains. Also the fix to not seeing the FX clientside probably isn't to Show FX on EVERY single kill even if the ability is broken or not supposed to buff... So please look into it and fix it properly. I love my infested fox with its adorable larvae form and want to bring her to long high-level missions, but so long as the ability is broken. Both by spamming the overly fl
  4. TYPE: In-Game. DESCRIPTION: Testing Sly Vulpaphyla's "Survival Instinct". It broke and could no longer be triggered ever since if you break the buff via attack and kept attacking. REPRODUCTION: If you cancel the Ability's buff by attacking and keep on firing at enemies for the next 10 seconds or so. EXPECTED RESULT: After 5 Seconds the ability should be able to re-trigger (or at least once you stopped firing for a moment). OBSERVED RESULT: Ability does not trigger even after a whole minute of not doing anything before killing again. REPRODUCTION RATE: Pretty much
  5. I feel like the Update has messed up the Necramech drops as it nerfed the ones above ground. Killed over 20 Vault Necramechs and not a SINGLE significant drop beyond the guaranteed Matrix. No Part components, No Scintillant, No mods. An unnatural lack of drops. And not a single sighting of a floating one... Either that or i truly hate to know what the original chances for any of that stuff are. regardless that is 6 hours today i ain't getting back wasted on what is most likely a bugged out thing. Can't you guys just give everyone 2 scintillant or something for how Awful it has been
  6. The times i have gone there. It very much seems pretty static. Always at/in the entrance of the cave. Which saves some trouble. ...Then comes the part where in that tentacled mess with orange blobs everywhere you have to look for one tiny little birb you are praying shows up as a Orange blip on your scope to get you to find it half glitching into one of the orange blobs and on tranq being stuck there. resulting in Bullet jumping while frantically spamming the X in the hope of a successful Retrieval...
  7. Another bug report. When it comes to preservation the placement of objects/tracks on the Exocrine (Deimos' gelatine water thing) is inconsistent. Often stuff like the Droppings, tracks and calling points are On-top of it, but there are times where they end up at the bottom of it. Leading to moments where you find the start of a trail submerged and can't trigger it, Tracks getting hard to follow and i would guess the rare case of not getting near enough to a call point so you can start luring.
  8. So velocipods with their Hybrid K-Drive/WildLife nature appear to cause a pair of bugs to their behaviour. The big one: If you tranquilize a velocipod via an ability like Ivara's Sleep Arrow. The Pod does not get treated as a sedated wildlife. Result is that interacting with it causes the player to jump on their back and end up stuck on it as you can't do anything on a sleeping Velocipod. Not even jump off or enter the main menu. Just stuck there untill you get killed or i guess it wakes up (did not survive to check that) Second bug: Being not a strict wildlife the Tranquilizer rifle
  9. Was helping someone grind Atlas on the ERIS:JORDAS GOLEM node. Cause their archwing stuff was terrible where as i tuned my grattler to tear through him. When we reached the Juggernaut "Golem" in came my hellminth charger. Who decided to be like Clifford the giant red dog and had taken on the size of a friggin HOUSE!! I'm used to my Charger getting a tad big. She was born pretty big and the Strain Mods (in use BTW, guessing they are linked to this) quickly cause her to grow Horse-sized, but this was just silly! Other players noted the size too and can see the nametag moving along with the
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