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  1. Question: When you say to kill the crew complement did you also kill the Gunner in the side room? That guy is rather easy to overlook as him alongside the pilot do NOT appear on enemy radar and do not abandon post until you knock them of it. Killing him leaves the crew-ship unable to fire missiles and has made my life a lot easier. That is assuming i'm rushing from one ship to another. Else i just Recall warp. Also whenever i slingshot i get made Invulnerable during the process. idk how you get Killed during slingshot. shouldn't matter anymore though as they just made it that their missiles are no longer able to home in onto Archwings.
  2. Large problem i see is the cliff-steep initial investment. What a lot forget is that once you repped a part and then wish to get a new one you can scrap the old one for half it's costs, but for that start softening the blow of the grind you still have to first get enough components so you can have atleast 2 of them at the same time (Use one while another is under repair). Do that times 5 for the various parts and things get rather pricey. The "People just dont have a Stockpile yet" is pretty valid, but people do not need to be able to make said stockpile to begin with and right now that is going incredibly tedious requiring them to dedicated hours to Railjack as the resources are non-existant elsewhere in useful capacity (thus reinforcing the "Tedious grind" mentality). That is ignoring the Avionics with the massive amount of fodder mods in the form of Vidar and Lavan mods that are woefully inferior to their Zetki counterpart. I honestly was hoping for the avionics schools to actually matter in some way. Like that all Resistance mods where Lavan, Utility Vidar and core Zetki or a bit of a corrupted mod like tradeoff (no. requiring more power is not really a trade off). Rather than Zetki being all that matters with the rest being essentially little more than glorified Damaged mods. Also for supposedly "High-end demanding gear only used by elite" Zetki weapons make up for 95% of all weapon wrecks ive encountered so far. That just doesn't make sense and has been a major pain as this causes for a LOT of ships to be flying out there with Zetki weapons, but lacking the avionics (heat-cap) and people with the intrinsics to compensate for how Zetkis want to heat up like it was being dipped in lava.
  3. Navigation should be taken under close investigation. Ive had multiple times where as the Host and Captain of my railjack i got shanghaied into doing missions cause someone else rushed to my nav-panel and pressed the same node again and the game just blindly warps without a group vote or something. Worst experience was when one person tried to bully me into bailing out my own ship so they could be the captain by constantly navigating to low-level nodes. I get that there is no easy solution, but right now it is awful as it seems to switch between 2 problematic extremes (Living under cap's dictatorship vs Whoever gets to it first gets to pick whatever they want). Ideally the moment a mission is complete a player should be able to say they want to return to the orbiter with everything they have collected. Would also make things a LOT easier for captains looking to chain multiple runs rather than have to keep hearing "GO TO DOJO!" every 2-3 rounds. Also Intrinsics as a barrier of entry doesn't work by itself. It may work for players as it forces them to have some skills, but the Railjacks themselves are unchecked. Ive had numerous runs going really badly cause someone thought their 1500hp ship with Base APOCs would be good enough to handle Saturn's final mission. Intrinsics can help one be more effective and partially compensate for ship shortcomings, but they can't carry a crummy newb-ship. Due to the length of the missions the "Completion" criteria upon which the game blocks others from joining should be tightened. The easiest form would be that if ANY of the objectives are completed no more joins. That should keep people from joining only to find the Commander is already dead or the spoiler completed. Would even suggest to make it block halfway through. Like say half the fighters/crew ships are down or a radiator was exposed and destroyed already.
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