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  1. I know i'm preaching to the choir here and just sounding as another whatever negative name you may call people like me, But i know from experience with other devs that you have to keep an issue in the public conscious for it to actually get adresses for if it's forgotten it will never be. I know you guys promised to look into it, but it's been a few weeks since and it still has not been addressed.


    Please implement something to help resolve the Research issue regarding Hema. Increase the drop rate for mutagen samples or anything. As long as it remains unresolved it will appear as if DE doesn't care. That you are just ignoring it in the hope it will get forgotten while hiding behind excuses like how you don't want to nullify the accomplishment of those who already farmed even tough none of them care. Just to keep that plat sink in there.


    I want to see it fixed as i see it as a slippery slope that can end in a lot worse. Nip this issue of being a bit too greedy in the bud and please don't implement more researches with this ludicrous level in demands.

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  2. Hema's sample requirement needs some slashing and the oestrus needs some tweaking.

    i am in a clan where the requirement is 15k with about 7 of us active. Over the past year of playing wf (all the way to rank 22) i only had 1k to spare. To actively farm it would literally take hundreds of matches. That can't be intentional!! Ive farmed oxium for vauban prime, collected a hundred nitain to get the wukon research at the time and over a hundred tellurium for archwing stuff and this is ludicrous for even me. This has got to take the crown for most difficult to farm item in the entire game. I'm better off farming and selling prime stuff to buy it with plat then to try to research and build it :<

    As for oestrus. It is impossible to keep all 3 terminals active at it's current state, not even a farming team designed to grind record amounts of mobs can keep everything active, let alone try to keep their armor up. It needs a critical look and have the rate of antiserum being dropped increased.

    This is definitly one of the lesser updates which unfortunatly limits the appeal of nidus. He looks awesome, but i don't see myself having him let alone Hema any time soon. :<

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  3. Hmm. one side having it a passive was easier on modding, but let's be honest sentinels don't have that much modding, it was mostly just what utilities to bring.


    All in all. this is great. The vacuum of 12m has been that way for atleast as long as i played. it has been ingrained into the game so much that it is close to impossible to nerf that. it is much like how multishot was considered for nerfing as every build always had a multishot. That would have disrupted the game too much and vacuum is the same deal. It was disruptive coming over as if players deserved to be punished for constantly using Carrier rather then a agreeable compromise.

    I'm sure we can expect some tweaking as this goes, but this is a very good step. TY for listening to the community.

  4. Well. im one of those players that have played for so long with Carrier as i main companion that i got pretty much enough to build everything twice if i wanted to.

    Still...they dropped the ball. they destroyed the powerfull vacuum carrier has and then gave every sentinel a tiny usb vacuum instead. due to the whole radius the halving of it cuts down the covered surface by more than half. Now other sentinels may have some more use, but i feel sorry for all those who have to run spastically through the room to collect stuff wether they are using a sentinel or not.

    This falls in the category of failed of changes for me. i'm sure the current archwing will be happy with some company.

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  5. They fixed the random loot at the end of fissures?? OH THANK YOU SO MUCH!! TwT

    That problem has been bugging every fissure group i go in. Sometimes we all get a chance at a rare item, but most of the time we look in confussion as someone proclaims they got the Nikana blade or something when others dont. which is sad as it made things feel unfair and caused envy.

    So thank you for that fix! much appreciated!

  6. Normally i try to keep an open mind and just say "just a matter of getting used", but i'm sorry... I can't stand the new projections.


    The new prime system has made things the absolute worst grind imaginable to the point i rather have void fatigue...there is absolute NO variation... just tacked on Rift-excavator on a random mission that you will be annoyed at doing. Granted with a group it should cut down on time needed, but it doesn't change it is probably the most boring thing ive EVER seen!!! :<

    The Nullifier bubbles popping frost globes easilly make defense against corpus annoying...granted i will probably NEVER have to fight them beyond 5 waves ever again cause why bother?? Void defense doesn't exist anymore and like hell i would ever do a sortie defense against them!!

    But the worst is the archwing... For the first time in years i actually got DIZZY by a game!!! It disorients me and my head wants to wobble to compensate constantly. result is that i almost fell down the stairs when i took a break!!! HOW DID THIS GET THROUGH TESTING?!?!??!? And the overhauled momentum...yeah it only forces one to slow down and never boost cause else you will always fly into walls over and over and over. Archwing went from kinda-boring to downright aggrevating. You cannot do a full freedom in a game that allows instant turning. Real simulators know how to keep inertia low so it doesn't disorient...that isn't here so headache ensues as i try to discern what is up/down


    As for the map and Market...ehhh the starchart is just a matter of getting used to it, but the market is highly unintuitive and i need to manually search every item cause i cannot find anything through the "filters"

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  7. Are we sure the Spira prime are a Prime of the normal Spira?? stat-wise they are far closer to being a Kunai Prime then Spira. Also compared to Spira the Prime is just appaling! Spira was unique in being a slow-firing, but quite powerfull knifes with their high Crit-chance, Prime looks bigger and like it would be more lethal, but instead it's faster to throw (doesn't make sense), deals less damage (again, no sense) and far less viability crit wise (You get the idea...)


    Nikana looks ok alongside Saryn prime-wise. overall improvement, yet not overkill.


    Also Drat. my days as a hacking limbo are over. i really do hope limbo gets some buffing over time, right now his viability is starting to feel very limited except in solo-play against grineer (corpus with their nullifying tech makes limbo utterly useless). The only time i feel usefull as limbo is in defense sorties where i get to play as the operative babysitter... at least for now since i know you devs are probably already plotting the removal of that ability.

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