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  1. The synthesis target is a specific spawn that has synthesis target in the name and doesn't spawn if simaris doesn't mention it at the beginning of the mission. They aren't guaranteed to spawn sonthe best method if that's all you are trying to do is abort and restart if simaris doesn't announce that there is a target present.
  2. I had to die and revive before I could start gaining energy again.
  3. I have just found that my Energy on Ivara is not getting restored. This happened earlier today and I assumed that maybe I had Artemis Bow toggled and forgot so I toggled it on and off and dropped another large energy pad and everything worked fine. I logged out for a while and came back and it is happening again. I dropped a large energy restore and get the message that 100 energy has been picked up but I gain no energy, I have toggled all of my abilities just to double check that I was not using anything that would prevent energy gain (since artemis bow doesn't technically constantly drain energy only when you shoot but still prevents you from gaining energy from pads like a drain ability does) but none of my abilites were toggled on and I am still no gaining any energy from the pads. Mission was Oceanum on Pluto solo.
  4. Happened to me as well, opponents nowhere near the scoring goal and still had 113 seconds on the clock and just ends with a failure and lost credits, also found Reddit posts about this issue going back to 2017.
  5. I have noticed recently that if the spore ephemora starts visualizing near or infront of a mining node the beam from the mining gun will not make contact with the target on the node requiring the player to move and reposition and start mining the node again.
  6. For the third teralyst capture in a row now for my friend and I we get the unidentified item after capturing the teralyst but upon return to cetus the item is just gone. We don't get an arcane or any other "identified" item and have the same mission rewards as we did before entering the gate minus the "unidentified item" that we picked up from the capture.
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