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  1. The problem is not people's gear or mods, the problem is simply piss poor design period. I have a 3 formaed amesha with maxed health and shields and armor and when dismounting a crewship, if there is another one ANYWHERE nearby I die before the black screen transition even lets me take control of my arch-wing again. Add to that the fact that my archwings energy seems to get reset back down to base starting energy everytime I dismount preventing me from spamming 4 during the transition even on the off chance that it goes off and gives me a split second to at least attempt to react and the fact that (contrary to rumors the crewships do not actually ignore ameshas 4, they just do so damn much damage per shot that it maxes your energy pool in a single hit which turns the invulnerability off) a single blast from a crewship gun maxes my energy, shuts off my invulnerability, and kills me and it all adds up to a very lacking, un-fun, grindy, disappointing, game mode that should have continued to be worked on for a while longer. As it stands I find myself hiding my railjack miles from the combat zonr and doing literally everything I arch-wing because I have yet to gather enough materials to make the railjack not a sloppy sack of crap that gets torn apart in a few hits out of the literally thousands of shots flying at it every second, so tvis entire "new content" patch has really so fsr just been new arch-wing missions with an expensive bus for me anyway and it really compounds the feeling of disappointment brought on by this update when you have to destroy 6 crewships and die literally everytime you exit one (since none of the railjack guns I have managed to find/research and craft do nearly enough damage to the crewships to justify getting close enough to hit them with the amount of damage they put back on the railjack requiring boarding and destroying their reactor) making you end up woth a failed mission with one or two crewships left to destroy while having literally 0 control over your deaths because they happen during a stupid ass map transition.
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