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  1. zenshu1

    Standing Bug

    Similar issue with standing being bugged, my UI says I have 13,450 standing left but I should have 1,450.
  2. This may be working as intended but it seems like a bug because i can't see this being the intended way for these to work, if my vulpaphyla dies in a mission, when it respawns itself after the 30 second timer is up it's rank is reset to 0 and it is completely removed from my UI and doesn't gain any affinity from the mission at all, it doesn't even show up as my equipped companion on the mission success screen at the end. This may also effect the other new pet type from Deimos but i have not worked on ranking one up yet so I can't say. If the warframe dies then this is cleared and t
  3. After the recent hotfix to fix fish tooltips and add the new frame to simarus my fish now think they are alloy plate.
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