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  1. Same here. The problem has persisted and gotten worse up until about 20 minutes ago, and since then I'm completely unable to log into the game. The network issue will also kick up when I'm trying to access a screen or interact with one of the NPC's, and I have to Alt-F4 out of the game after getting stuck in an infinite "Please Wait" screen with the "Network Not Responding" beneath it
  2. Having a quadrupedal Warframe would be neat. A bit quicker on their feet, and possibly even the ability to scale the environment? Having something more animalistic in nature would feel really neat for players that enjoy playing in a more "barbaric" manner.
  3. Has there been any discussions among you guys to rework the enemy AI or animations, that way they feel a bit more alive and not so... 2012? The Nox and all enemies that come after him are pretty great both animation wise and general feel to their character. However, the Infestation, Corpus and Grineer have been using the same animations and AI since I began playing 6 years ago.
  4. The game is beginning to regularly have RNG on top of RNG in place of making sure players don't finish the content in a week, but isn't there a better way you can elongate the content's playtime without THIS much RNG? I personally don't really have any ideas, but surely there is something that's less frustrating and mentally tiring. Thanks in advance.
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