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  1. when will we get dark sectors back? THIS GUY WANTS SOME PVP! please<3
  2. Hey guys this is a bug i recently discovered. I had like 39 gadgets on my equipment loadout,but then i run out of scanners which was in the first place. having no gadgets at the first gadget slot caused a rather annoying bug. game decided to delete my every gadget after 12. gadget. what was supposed to happen was keep the gadget slot 1 empty and keep the other gadgets as they were.
  3. Can we have fixes for Profit Taker bounties already? it has been a month or longer since it came out, and i still cant farm bounty mods because of the bugs. Also we still can't see moa,k-drive and kitguns seperately. And new arch-Melee weapon mods in the codex.
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