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  1. https://imgur.com/a/kuac6q8 Here you guys can see the broken conservation spot. Even if i press on the spot to follow the tracks nothing appears therefore i cant hunt anything since there are no tracks to find.
  2. For some reason stealth has become much harder. Equinox runs are way harder now. enemies become awake too fast and it spreads like a famine. has anyone else noticed this problem?
  3. For 3 or 4 months since the last UI update came wishlisting has been broken and nobody noticed it. You can add nothing to your wishlist and remove nothing since there are no options for it
  4. Arkadaşlar oyuna türkçe dil desteğinin artık gelmesi lazım.büyük İ yazamıyoruz yumuşak g yazamıyoruz. ve bu durumun en kötü örneği klan dojosunda bağış yazamadığımız için bağış yapamıyoruz
  5. when will we get dark sectors back? THIS GUY WANTS SOME PVP! please<3
  6. Can we have fixes for Profit Taker bounties already? it has been a month or longer since it came out, and i still cant farm bounty mods because of the bugs. Also we still can't see moa,k-drive and kitguns seperately. And new arch-Melee weapon mods in the codex.
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