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  1. bruh i cant believe i fell for this lame post
  2. you know i think your right about steel charge. once i get an aura forma ill switch it. Thank you. and the reason i dont have elemental on my melee is because i have the kuva nukor to do all the status that i need it to do and then switch back to my melee.
  3. Thank you. Also you should give her a go when your bored of farming. It's fun using the movement to run around and chop everything in half while being invincible
  4. Thank you a lot for these tips. I will use them in the future. I've been playing a while but I never used the forums so I don't really know how to use this sight properly. True valkyr isn't the best in team play for eidolons. I feel like she needs some kind of rework to make her more effective with her team because, especially the build I have, it's hard to buff others with warcry since it has such low range with narrow minded. Some people will think that since I have eternal war I dont need to have super high duration. Which can be true. But since my build relies on warcry so badly I need it to be permanent. My Zaw is so slow with out it. I'll post again in a while with a better easier to read post with more information and more to talk about
  5. Hello. I would like to share my build and I would also like to explain why I think it is good. I would also encourage anyone who sees this to also post their build and why they like it. First I'm going to give you my warframe and weapon load-outs. I don't know if there's a better way to do this so im just gonna list the mods. All my mods are maxed Warframe- Valkyr Aura- Steel Charge Exilus- Rush Transient Fortitude, Gladiator Resolve, Eternal War, Umbral Vitality, Umbral Fiber, Umbral Intensify, Narrow Minded, Adaption. Primary- Vaykor Hek Exilus- Soft Hands Primed Point Blank, Hunter Munitions,Blunderbuss, Chilling Grasp, Primed Ravage, Hell's Chamber, Toxic barrage, Vigilante Armaments. Secondary- Kuva Nukor Exilus- Reflex Draw Convulsion, Magnum force, Hornet strike, Pathogen Rounds, Pistol Pestilence, Jolt, Lethal Torrent, Barrel diffusion Melee- Zaw (I came I zaw I conquer) L-Vargeet II Ruhang G-Kroostra S-Dokrahm Stance- Tempo Royal Archane- Exodia Hunt Gladiator Might, Blood rush, Sacrificial steel, Primed Pressure Point, Organ Shatter, Condition Overload, Drifting contact, Gladiator rush. Now that's out of the way. I like Valkyr because I love melee. Her 1 is not very useful in most situations so that's why I'm not really sad about losing the range. Rush makes up for the loss of mobility. Since eternal war scales with duration I wanted to put a lot of duration on as well as power strength. Now the loss of range does make it harder to buff team mates with warcry but for what ever reason team mates often lose the buff no matter how high I keep the duration, and since its not recast able i don't really concern myself with making sure my team gets the buff. The build I Have is heavily reliant on warcry and keeping it active. My zaw is extremely slow and i have no speed mods on it. Instead i have combo duration mods to make sure I can keep combo as much as possible. I am currently in the process of getting lenses to get the naramon combo change skill but i don't have it yet. All the umbra mods are perfect for her and really help make her as tanky as possible. Valk has her weaknesses. For example the corrosive puddles made by certain infested units shred her apart and nulifiers are really hard to deal with but even so I can make her a force on the battle field. My shotgun the vakor hek is just a tool i use when my targets are out of range. its good for taking out drones and flying guys. The gun has low status so it really doesnt matter which status i have i just think the effect of viral is the most useful for the rest of my build. Corrosive is also good but i wanted more status types to make condition over load better. My secondary is something i need to work on. I have it for the purpose of adding as many different status to make my condition overload scale really nicely. I have corrosive on there to strip armor. I also use it in low levels as my exterminator gun to clear that trash from my sight. Now my favorite weapon. my zaw. I feel that Valk is the only one who can make this specific zaw work. Its built for as much damage and crit as possible. unfortunately that sacrifices status and speed and is why my warcry is so important. since i have no attack speed mods i completely rely on warcry and other speed boosts to increase weapon speed. For most frames this would be a problem because even if they could increase its speed like volt or wisp they wouldn't be able to survive long enough to max the combo multiplier. But since Valk has so much armor and now sheild gating is a thing. Its really hard for enemies to kill me even at high levels so it makes getting that max combo multiplier possible so long as warcry is active. Hysteria is an extremely powerful tool as well for my build. since it is not a hysteria build i use it less often than others do. Hysteria is really good when I am at low health to Regen it obviously. But I will also use it when my combo meter is not full and there is a crap load of super heavy high level units. Hysteria builds are in my opinion best for bosses and not endurance things like survival and defense. I also think that Valk is a good pick for eidolon hunting. Her high armor and health make her hard to kill and hysteria can tear the eidolon apart on it's last full body hit box stage. I would also like to put my fasion frame here. But I don't really know how.
  6. Thats a good point. I never find myself using claws unless my melee doesn't have full combo meter and theres like a lvl110 nox or something. I have an idea to completely rework hysteria and turn it into a more berserker themed ability. So valkyr was experimented on by the corpus and because of that you should expect some flaws in her systems. I think the comunity can agree that valkyr can surpass limitations in the sense she can bypass saftey inhibitors, that keep a warframe from damaging itself, to get a boost in strength. So what if Valkyr begins causing herself to take damage in return for a buff like movement speed or damage. Or increase to all melee weapon stats. Since her claws are out preformed by melee weapons then it would make sense to embrace that and instead make those stronger.
  7. i love valkyr. shes my personal favorite. her back story matches her kit and her model. there are things id like to see tweaked like how i never use ripline but just ignore her 1 and 3 for a second. Her 2 is the core of her play style. With it i took a zaw with very slow attack speed, and very high damage and crit chance and made it into a redcvcriting machine. you dont need to put speed mods on it because she buff it herself. Other frames buff melee speed too but volt is defiantly not durable enough to withstand the pointblank punishment valk can just shrug off with her 2k armour. (i think chroma can bullS#&$ his way up to like 21k or somehting dumb like that) I also really like just how much Valkyr benifets from allies buffs. I love working with wisps, they are favorite support because all three of her motes work perfectly with a melee playstyle. First of all a total health boost on a character that takes very little health damage is huge, second the biggest problem Valkyr faces is not being fast enough which the speed more solves, and third the electric shock mote makes it so they cant fight back against her. Pair that with litterally any other buff you can get from other tank and dps and youve got yourself one scary kitty. Whats scarier than a mad Valkyr? An invisible Mad Valkyr
  8. collision damage like doomfist in overwatch would be awkward to code in warframe. like if the ragdoll glitched out you could do billions of damage
  9. what if paralysis was just changed with a move that forces a finisher on a target enemy. say theres a lvl 110 nox. you do finisher damage or it could be something that strips armour, i think your right that paralysis needs a rework. it needs a different CC effect. Maybe it should just knock enemies down instead of staggering them, that'll open them up to finishers too. Honestly, in my opinion. Valk does need that much of a change, i love her just the way she is. i mean i cant argue with buffing her because fukin yes please. But i dont think any of her abilites need to be replaced or changed to much just some properties need tweaking
  10. I have no proof of this but sometimes when i have warcry active the buff will just stop working. i have eternal war on and i think the game thinks the buff ran out because it didnt register the kills and the increase of duration. and i cant recast warcry either which is something i think is lame in of itself.
  11. i think a revisit too a raid idea or an alternative to obtaining rivens would be cool
  12. i run a melee build right. so my primary is of course a shotgun. i use the vaykor hek. but the Tigris doesn't pack as much oomph as id want out of a db you know. maybe i haven't built it right but its just lacking, and with the addition of shield gating that is especially apparent on arbitration drones the quick second shot would be ideal for my loadout. maybe the grineer can have lots of multishot crit base you know. lol i can only hope
  13. but what about my skins that i paid good money for? and wisps ass. God please dont take away wisps ass
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