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  1. It'd be great if he could scatter debris on impact
  2. As I stated, condemning anecdote rings facetious when you have no better pool of evidence to counter. If I'm reading this correctly, you are saying loot acquisition missions are too easy, and should be corrected. Resources should take longer and be harder to get. Glad to know where your coming from.
  3. Y'all've done much criticism of our motives, but explained your own little. Allow me to clarify my own, hopefully to y'alls satisfaction. Perhaps then do me the courtesy in kind of revealing yours. My fellow players and I are more individuals than a faction, and ought be addressed in their individual concerns, not some perceived group identity. I do not think Warframe is "rU1n3d FoReVah!", I like DE, haven't seen any Youtube videos on the subject (mostly because I find the youtubers' meta-commentary dull if not condescending) and seldom join these complaint threads. I am here, because I like DE in large part. I like how they respond to player concerns, and are willing to revisit their mistakes. I like how they keep Warframe truly free to play, and not freemium misery. So, when I noticed a change that incrementally worsened the game, by increasing disliked grind and reducing variety of play in a popular mission, I wanted to contribute my feelings as a player. Not necessarily so that I myself would be heard, but to be part of the contingent advocating revision of this change. As I stated before, I've been playing long enough that quantity of loot extracted matters little to me personally, especially as it may be a small difference; However, this shift will detriment variety of play, with Nekros already returning to consensus best-in-slot. Ere this change, you could bring Atlas, Hydroid, Ivara if you were good, Khora, and they all brought something different and played differently. That diversity and lack of a hard meta continued to permit innovation and variation for those that wanted to explore. With a clear optimum, however, players become far more rigid and myopic. We have seen this many times before. You may counter that this is a playerbase issue, and not a dev one, but if the devs are able to remedy it, it would be best for them to do so, for the benefit of all. It may be minor, but everything is. Things are improved not by sweeping revision, but individual augment, and when long-running games like this fall, it is often an accumulation of minor misteps that fells them. Now that I have explained where I'm coming from, permit me to ask as to y'all's motivations. What do you gain from this update? Does this benefit some strategy you'd hoped to see played more? Does it increase the value of some tradeables you have? Does it stop or mitigate an aspect you found annoying or unfun in your play? Is there some other reason why you stand to win from this fix remaining in the game as is? I'm asking sincerely, because I'll admit my own picture is imperfect, and their may be some facet I have missed. Perhaps you do not stand to gain, and your motives are more altruistic. Have you come to bring evidence to an admittedly anecdotal pool of experience? If so, present it. Y'all've done a lot of criticism of anecdote, but have little evidential counter beyond that; anecdotal evidence is better than no evidence. If you mean to defend DE, defend the parts of them that make them so great, their receptiveness to critique and creative solutions; allow those to flourish. Defend their motives, but allow those negatively impacted by the fix to explain their case. This does not harm DE, this is not an insult against them but an invitation to improve. If that is hostile, then so too are those who post new warframe, weapon and whatever concepts in the hopes that their ideas might advance the game. If you are just a popcorn-eater, detachedly watching the circus unfold, why do you interject? If you mean to goad us frenzied sheeple into a more amusing fervor, get better bait. This is weak. Seriously. If you stand to gain nothing, but simply act to your own detriment in the hopes of harming another, you are the worst kind of petty. By making those who have been set back by this change out to be a small, ignorable cohort of troublemakers, you reduce the odds of us being heard and making the game better. I doubt if you are such you will have the vertebra to admit it, but please do, if nothing else as another act of pointless spite, to show me how wasted this wall was on your screen. If [Other] please explain: _____________________________________________ Sorry for the textwall, wanted to be precise and cover all my points. TLDR: I'm critiquing this "fix" because I want Warframe to be the best game it can be. What're your motivations for arguing against me?
  4. Welcome back to getting harangued by your squad if you bring anything but Nekros to a loot mission. Because that was fun. Inter-frame synergy, variable squad comp, multiple playstyles in a mission type, who wants those?
  5. Thanks Speaking of duration/range confusion, any progress on tweaking Reave? Ally buffs are nice, but we need a lower energy cost to use it as evasion.
  6. Enthralls still die rather easily, previously using Danse was the only way to get decent value from their deaths. Have you thought about having them drop 25 overshield orbs when they die outside of Danse? Also, his 3 needs reduced cast time and energy cost to be viable as evasion. Thanks for increasing the cap though.
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