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  1. what makes me mad about conservation is that it doesn't count properly. just tired that counted the first 3 vermink no prop. but then it was like nope no longer counts despide the game saying it was a perfect capture WTF.
  2. 3 more days and i can finally cash in all those useless creds for 2.8 million credits. should even make it to level 53 maybe 54.
  3. same happens to me from time to time that i get a drop twice. did your stram act up at all(disconnect, major lag) that is what usually triggers it for me.
  4. please don't let it be nora i would rather have Vey hek scream at me than have to hear that annoying *@##$.
  5. formas are not something you build when you need them. you just keep building them till you run out of blueprints.
  6. i don't like the new loadout selector the old one was much quicker if you only had a few loadouts now it is a entirely new secen and it takes longer.
  7. whats is next warframe beach volleyball. ok can i get the floaty as a syandana?
  8. precision placement system for decorations. that lets you manually enter XYZ values.
  9. you are aware that the fact that a lot of people complaining about alerts is why nightwave exists. so yea if enough people complain long enough even nightwave gets replaced at some point. also why should you opinion be worth more then someone else's?
  10. i like it looks so much nicer than that edgelord fever dream over at strata.
  11. i would still like to have some form of alerts back. maybe credit only rewards they were always a nice way to get some quick action.
  12. 3 vitus since it didn't work for switch last time.
  13. no drop for me either and it usually works for me.
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