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  1. From what I can tell this bug is directly related to the number of unclaimed items you have in your foundry, I used to have 700+ items unclaimed but would get even worse fps while in liset / "hubs" (cetus/fortuna) ever since the "Items ready to claim" counter got added to the game. It also greatly effects how long it takes to load from a hub to open world, which is amplified when trying to join squads making joining others very frustrating, this video was pretty quick (only ~2m), joining others can take 5+ minutes which for Eidolons / bounties / orbs makes it kinda impossible and I end up only playing with friends that invite me from the liset directly or solo. 

    I'm guessing that the number of unclaimed items are either calculated in a very complicated way and / or way too often (each frame / tick?), I guess if this won't get solved there is always the "Claim all" button. 

    See video for more detailed info and how the game behaves on my main / alt account when loading into the same places

     Video is from build 25.8.2 but has been an issue since the "counter" was added next to the credits / plat (I did another video that I never uploaded in april this year).

    Account names if DE want to copy them to dev to try and fix this bug
    Main account: Pegasy
    Alt account: RaidBot

    PC specs (not that it should matter since the alt account plays perfectly fine)
    Cpu: i7 930
    Ram: 18gb
    Gpu: GTX 1080 ti
    Game + os is on ssd's

    And since I know someone will ask, reason I started building extras of everything (frame parts, frames, weapons, gear, prime parts etc) is because I got fed up not having items ready whenever a weapon / frame was release that required you to use another weapon / frame to build it (I want to have 1 of each thing in the game so always ended up building a new one), still haven't sold any weapons / frames.

  2. 6 hours ago, VisionAndVoice said:

    I almost think that this is intentional. DE makes the new prisma weapon untradeable so that people had time to figure it out and get more info on it. So once the craze dies out and prices lower, they make it tradeable so that people could get it for reasonable cost.

    See? DE cares.

    Pretty sure it has the opposite effect, people don't know when / if it will be tradeable so fewer people buy extras of it to sell and prices go up

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  3. JV fixes for real this time please?

    And thank you for reverting QT to the behavior that it has had for 3+ years, next time you change something that worked the same for that long please mention it in patchnotes so we know that you intended to change it, from the player base perspective the new behavior looked like a bug since it was not mentioned anywhere. 


    Also, 28 days since WDRA was last updated, the relics have at least changed since then I assume since rhino is vaulted again. Last update to that site was update 21.0.4 or 21.0.5. 


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  4. 11 hours ago, Xekrin said:

    I wholly and truly wish DE would just inform us of the bugs that they are currently looking into.  So many times I see posts like yours everywhere week after week and it suddenly pops up into some patch notes that it was fixed.

    While this technically doesn't sound like a bug and more of a balancing issue I'm am certain DE is at the very least aware of it and will likely be addressing it soon, the problem is they never tell us what is on the semi-urgent-because-players-bug-us-constantly-about-it todo list so we just keep going on and on about it out of sheer frustration.

    To reduce that to a simple response - SoonTM!

    If it was done for balancing purpose it should still be in the patch notes, just changing how something works without any mention is just bad practice and feels like they either don't know what they did to break it or try to hide it. 

    And yea, I would love to have a list of stuff they they are currently working on fixing / what they already know about. Even better would be if they would let community influence parts of it (maybe using something like uservoice or similar site) because now it feels very random what they choose to fix and what to ignore. "Oh no the energy colors are wrong on elytron vents" gets fixed or addressed before a mod that has existed for 3+ years and suddenly changed how it works. 

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