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  1. But that's the thing, i don't want to hold and maintain a rush, i just want quick directional dashes, for dodging and battery management
  2. I meant that i'd like to be able to use the dash in every direction (so while aiming forward, i'd be able to dash to the sides and backwards), while the sprint (hold) mechanic gets disabled, just as sort of a drawback to not make it OP i suppose, was just a thought. It's just that only being able to dash forward is sometimes a bit of a detriment. You can always just turn your vision and then dash, then turn it back, but an augment letting him dash in all directions would just be a huge quality of life in many scenarios. I know he already has an augment, but some other frames do have more than one augment for a single ability too, so it's not unthinkable.
  3. I've been playing Gauss a bit, and while i REALLY enjoy him a lot, it's sometimes a little annoying that he can only ever dash forward, it works nicely for melee but for gunplay you don't always want to just go forward. I was thinking that maybe an augment could be made (possibly exilus) that lets him dash in all directions with Mach Rush, but in turn disables his Mach Rush sprint. Omni directional dashing would be powerful, but the disabled sprint makes it so it's not just a no-brainer, and it would alter the way he's played and modded, which i think could be very interesting. Any thoughts on this?
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