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  1. Well you surely dont need a sniper do take down an eidolon, but due to their popularity (even outside eidolon play) the nerf hammer has been hit on them.
  2. With the recent drop Chance Buff for the Seeding Step Emphera, I was hoping to get also a Buff to the Blazing Step Emphera, or a Rotation Change for ESO, as this really is a grindy one. Let me Explain: The Problem: The Seeding Step Emphera (5 % Drop Chance) can be acquired within 45 (90 %) or 90 (99 %) runs. The most efficient way to farm this (or Essence) is Excavation. 1 Excavator takes 180 sec, for a Drop it takes 2 (=360 sec), which is about 6 mins for a reward. At 20 minutes in you'll get the first C Rotation Reward (with the Emphera as possible Drop), after that you'll just get more C Rotations. Being in a Mission with an average Time of about 1.5 hours, it correlates to ~ 10 C Rewards. The Math: 1.5 h for 10 C Rewards ~ 6.75 h for 45 C Rewards ~ 13,5 h (= 0.5625 days) for 90 C Rewards. The Blazing Step Emphera (1.01 % Drop Chance) can be acquired within 227 (90 %) or 454 (99 %) runs. There is currently no efficient way to farm it, because the ESO "Waves" are time based. Every zone lasts for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It takes 8 "Zones/Waves" (= 20 min) to get a C Rotation Reward (with the Emphera as possible Drop), after that you'll have to redo the Mission, because it starts with an A Rotation again. The Math: 20 Minutes for 1 C Reward ~ 4540 Minutes for 227 C Rewards (= 75.66 h) ~ 9080 Minutes for 454 C Rewards (= 151.33 h or 6.305 days). For the Comparison: The Seeding Step has a ~ 11,34 higher Chance to be dropped in the same amount of time. The Solution: Buff the Drop Chance to match the Seeding Step Emphera (but then Blazing would have a ~11 Drop Chance), or Chance the ESO Rotation to Match Arbitration (ABCCCCCC).
  3. Salty about the Riven Dispo Changes? "The potency of each weapon's riven is determined by the weapon's Disposition, with the amount of "pips" indicating how strong the mod is. Dispositions are mainly determined by the ratio of the playerbase which utilize said weapons. Disposition changes every three months, aligned with every new Prime Access. If a weapon's disposition is changed, the attributes on already unveiled Rivens for the weapon will be automatically adjusted to match the new disposition." For myself, i like that the values of Rivens can be adjusted, so the Balance of Power is guaranteed.
  4. Even with a correct, linked Twitch account (recived various items before; PoE Launch, Sacrifice), for some reason, it doesnt work anymore.
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