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  1. Maybe this can inspire you? Made by u/ThisHereConnor
  2. Rookie Numbers :) Well thats the challenge of "Fashion Faming". Not every Warframe/Primary/Secondary/Melee/Pet/Archwing/Kitgun has the same texture pattern, so what could be considerd Metallic on Color Slot 3 on Kitguns might be a smooth matte surface on a Warframe. Therefore dont just copy paste color patterns on Weapons and expect for all of them to look exactly the same, test out some other coloring options or other patterns.
  3. No. However creating a random run (as Host) and expecting everyone to equip brand new Octavia Relics is just smooth brain. There is already this setting in the Settings. While Saryn is strong and difficult as she recieved multiple nerves and buffs in the recent years, other frames are also pretty strong if u know how to play them.
  4. Not a Bug! A fully ranked Corrupt Charge decreases the combo duration to -50% same with a fully ranked True Punishment. So adding 2 * -50% = -100% combo duration! Thats why it stays at the same multiplier all the time.
  5. Salvage is a common component that can be found on Mars, Jupiter and Sedna. Just smash some containers and you will find some. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Salvage
  6. They might be chatting via the mobile app? Have you tried restarting the game?
  7. If the game says there offline, they are offline.
  8. You will get a message from Teshin, you have to wait a minute or tho to get it dropped to you.
  9. The "only" big change" is that you have to manually claim the item. Either by clicking the on the chatbox after the 30 mins watched or redeeming it throu your twitch inventory, which gets deposited there when you dont claim it manually, so you can claim it later.
  10. You REALLY dont need the Umbra Forma/Umbra Mod, you can complete any Steel Path Mission without any. At the time you reach SP and be ready for it - you know the proper rules for modding frames/weapons. Adding Umbra Formas just adds a little % for all the min/maxers out there. Edit: Umbra Formas are indeed purchaseable, 150 Steel Essence each 6 or so weeks they rotate into teshins shop.
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