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  1. Channeling became Heavy Attacks
  2. Since the new Update, we have recived a larger Orbiter; will the Decoration Cap also increase in the near future with it, because i have a severe ikeaframe addiction? Second, will we get a Loadout Slot Cap also increase? As stated in many forum posts, several ppl would like to give each frame some love with a seperate loadout slot.
  3. I do love to play with all of my Frames, give them separate weapons and a bit of a personality. Sadly im currently maxed out on (purchasable) Loadout Slots with only 2 more to get from MR rank ups. With more frames that came out, i've grown a lack of interest in the new frames, because i can't play with them around, without putting an older one into the "dust collection". I know that most ppl have optimized their loadout slots for specific mission types, and managing them like changing their order is a pain in the ***. But I hope that this can be changed that in the near future; that there will be more (purchasable) Loadout Slots. Also there are some technical difficulties like inefficient data storage for a half million players, lack of storage data capacity...
  4. I give my Kavat daily pets, so she doesnt feel alone
  5. Can we please have more purchasable Loadout Slots? I know that some People dont bother about them, but there is certainly a group of People which love to give every frame they have a Loadout Slot.
  6. Yeah i totally agree with you on that one. I want to play all my frames, not just 30/30.
  7. Here is my take on the Orbital Spook 🎺 🎺 Happy Spooking to ya 🎺
  8. Please respond to this: Also can we have more loadout slots?
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