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  1. just 50? dude you could have make 10x the plat
  2. Yes it is completly random (no matter the difficulty). You can get any % value up to a maximum of 60%.
  3. Day 1: Night Day 2: Orbiter Day 3: Crew Day 4: Sister Day 5: Plague Day 6: Riven Day 7: Orphix Day 8: Storm Day 9: Clan Day 10: Natah Day 11: Quest Day 12: Persevere Day 13: Support Day 14: Goals Day 15: Community Day 16: Journey Day 17: Conquer Day 18: Tempestarii Day 19: Fish Day 20: Teshin
  5. DE, as already mentioned in the title, please add the Caramelldansen dance as emote!
  6. Ok 7 hours you say. Lets check some numbers: 7 hours are 420 minutes. Any by assuming you did the standard way of getting a larvling (2 mins for 1 larvling to spawn), that would be 210 larvlings. There are currently 19 Kuva weapons, and the chance to drop a specific weapon is 1/19, and not getting the desired weapon is 18/19. So by combining the possibility of not getting your desired kuva weapon (18/19) to the power by the amount you have tried to spawn a kuva weapon (210 larvlings). So in total (18/19)^210 = 0.0000117 = 0.00117 %, which is the total % of you not getting the kuva weapon of your choice after all the runs. Usually, after 14 tries you should have a 50 % chance of your weapon beeing in the drop pool, and normally 90 tires has a 99 % chance of your weapon beeing in the drop pool. I dunno man a 5 % chance of getting a weapon you want is not that bad in a looter game, especially when you compare it to other drop stuff.
  7. TL;DR: Dont use warframes ingame trade chat - just use warframe.market
  8. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  9. I still remember the good ol' Tonkor meta. But yeah aoe Weapons are outdamaging non aoe weapons. A problem which was made obsolete with PSF. Yes. As far as i like big damage, if the damage numbers dont get changed, there should be at least a drawback using AOE guns, else this becomes the meta again. For example a fixed percentage ~10 % self damage, enemys have weakponts that non aoe guns can use, aoe blasts respect covers and walls (much like khoras nerf), enemys seeking cover, ...
  10. Sounds like your lich fleed to the Railjack, after you cracked the right combination. Head over to your RJ -> there should be a lich specific node where you have to kill him.
  11. Sumit a support ticket they will help you and track it down.
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