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  1. mhm might be too powerfull, tho i like the idea of having just cc, kinda a bloodrush for guns - also lets make it on critical hit :) I like this idea, kinda like a stand. So like a channeling ability or duration based ability? The rest of the ability feels bloated tho. Too powerful with the invincibility and added damage Dont see a reason anyone would use this. so +175 HP and +175 armor?
  2. The use of a macro is in a grey area in this game, as several handicapped ppl need them to enjoy the game. Nevertheless, we cant help you here in the forums with that, you can at best report this player in game, by right clicking his name > report. And state your report case it in-game.
  3. As long as it takes. But do keep in mind that they also have weekends and if im correct also holidays rn.
  4. Ask the Warframe Supoort why they banned you. We as players cant hellp you with that sry.
  5. There was a TennoGen round just 2 months ago
  6. Again, have you linked your twitch account to your warframe account?
  7. How many times did you down him? Ik that there is a certain cap a lich can endure before escaping? Also what quirk does your lich have? I think maybe he has the quirk Coward or Deserter, both of which might trigger an escape.
  8. We as players cant help you with that. I suggest you open a support ticket, and ask them.
  9. No, not unless you trade with said other tenno. No pure RNG. But as a side note you CAN know the gender of the kuva lich, as you either stab a male or female larvling.
  10. Did you manually change the color of affinity text to red?
  11. Looking to buy some specific sisters with their Job/title description containing specter particle knowledge. I dont care about the weapon, %, appearence, emphera or anything.
  12. I was doing the new railjack survival fissure missions on neptune (3/3 times). And i was able to replicate the end of mission freeze everytime, which made me focefully close the game 3/3. How to replicate: 1. Do fissure railjack survival 2. after collecting 10/10 traces for the previous relic (which was the 4th relic most of the time) i returned to the ship before the next relic selection 3. in the ship i was greeted with the mission end results and after a while with the next relic selection screen 4. it doesnt matter wether you select a relic or not, after the selection the screen goes partly black and youre stuck. Esc / abort mission doesnt help at that point only force close
  13. Seems like after you activated it & interacted with the console & backed out the ability stays active. What does happen if you complete the minigame with that active ability? Does it go away?
  14. Why not use the existing www.warframe.com/promocode / www.warframe.com/prime-access ?
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