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  1. Thank you so much! Edit: That reminds me that we need a decoration limit increase again
  2. Frames like Harrow or even Grendel which i really want to play, with weapons i think suit their playstyle, are locked in the dust zone, because if i wanna use them i have so sacrifice another frame and his weapon loadout - thats also why i have created an exel sheet with all the frames + weapons i use with them so i have at least more loadout slots outside of the actual game.
  3. Totally agree with you i also want to have more purchasable loadout slots to cover all my frames, fashion and loadouts. We currently have 42 different frame variants with more to come. As a player who is Mr.28 and purchased all the other loadout slots i must say that i still need more slots for frames i like to play. But currently more and more frames become dust collectors because other frames are blocking the valuable loadout slot.
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: After missions in the veil my friends and me travel back to their dojo (which im not part in!) and i cant interact with the RJ exits as well as the RJ console (where you manage the RJ) - i can only solve this when i leave the dojo and get reinvited and then it begins again VISUAL: There is no [x] to interact popup REPRODUCTION: Was invited to friends dojo and started mission after the mission while we dock i cant use the RJ exits or the console (i can only exit via fast travel) EXPECTED RESULT: I should have interacted with said exits and consoled OBSERVED RESULT: I didnt interact REPRODUCTION RATE: 3/3 till now
  5. How about we do an Equinox kida approach? Where the frame can circle between 3 different frames as seen here: Credit goes to Oomatu_Art Passive: - Seer Form: + 10 % Movement speed and +15 % Agility - Rampart Form: + 5 % Armor & 5 % Health - Arana Form: + 10 % Ability Strengh First ability: The Broken Warframe can cycle between each forms (Seer, Rampart, Arana). Takes some time and energy to assemble frame. Note: The player has to invest some time to fix this frame so swapping should not be too fast. Second ability: - Seer Form: Toggle: Enemys take more dmg - Rampart Form: Toggle: You take less dmg - Arana Form: Toggle: Little void spiderlings crawl out debuffing and hurting enemys Third ability: - Seer Form: increases the enemy radar for whole squad - Rampart Form: deploying x amount of covers/walls - Arana Form: ensnare and brutalize several enemys (to get energy) Fourth ability: - Seer Form: Toggle: allows to prevent death of squad, gives every frame x amount of healt on the blink of death (very little amount, just to survive the killing shot) - Rampart Form: Toggle: increase the armor and shield amount for the whole squad by a lot (also covers/walls give a dmg boost) - Arana Form: Toggle: create a huge void net that slows down enemys + create more void spiders Side note: The abilities where created from the lore entrys the artist created: SEER: Blessed with the gift of foresight, Seer was a skilled and agile warframe, able to predict the actions of her opponents. Ultimately, this was her downfall, as her foreknowledge of the Orokin's demise was found... unsavory. She was dismantled for study. RAMPART: Rampart was praised as a fierce juggernaut and wise stragetist. His abilities allowed him to observe and oversee battles, deploying cover and weapons to pinned down allies. He ultimately met his end to the Myrmadon, which overpowered and shredded him apart. ARANA: Spider-Queen, web-weaver- Arana used her void strings to ensnare, tangle, and brutalize unsuspecting foes. Fond of vivisections and fascinated by death, her actions against Orokin rebels were deemed inhumane... even for the Orokin. She was eventually recalled and scrapped, and her void strings utilized for Frankensteinian experiments.
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