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  1. never looked after the races, i only looked at the wiki
  2. they wrote in the original patch that u have to complete all races to get the parts, since there are only 5 active races a day, i think u will get the drop from the other 3 races Confirmed it, just got the BP after the 6. race
  3. its nice to get a fix, but this feels like you are trolling us the races dont take long to finish, but the map is pretty bad, you get stuck everywhere and there are ressources in the middle of checkpoints that unmount you etc.
  4. I always do Steel Path for this, the points scales with level
  5. i just played the 2nd bounty and this happened so i think it is a general problem
  6. first time? should have waited, it always gets better
  7. no, do the math thats 5 points per slot, even with every slot polarised u cant fit every mod at full rank
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