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  1. TIL "mixed reactions" is DE-speak for "extremely negative"
  2. This must be the wokest comment I've seen on the forums in a long time...
  3. People dont realise the name is pronounced wrong on purpose. Gawss rhymes with gauze, which is used to patch injuries in medicine. The mispronunciation of the name is actually a subtle nod by DE to their development philosophy of bandaid solutions, much like gauze!!! Amazing!!
  4. Can we get a mark against all vaulted items and relics in our inventories/codex, please? Will range be an arsenal stat for weapons soon? for melees, beam weapons and fall-off distance for shotguns etc Is there a plan to bring back old tactical alerts so that people can upgrade their sigil, and do some content while we wait for the updates Is there a plan to fix broken waypoints? Is there a plan to fix rescue missions that take several minutes to show you extraction after you rescue the target? Will Toroid farming be looked at? Perhaps introduce them into the bounty droptable like breath of the ediolon in plains bounties?
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