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  1. I have some things to say to make this better. 1. Get rid off or give us option to turn off railjack auto re-center after banking. It does not have any purpose, it's annoying and disorienting. 2. Bring back old archwing controls. You know those controls where you could do anything with it and i mean it for both ground and space. Or bring back "Experimental Mode" option that enables the old controls. I mean controls when you had experimental mode on, because it was more usable even before. Those are the worst things right now in Empyrean for me.
  2. And still no railjack auto re-center removal or archwing experimental flight. I think i will stop even trying.
  3. Se railjack auto re-center is still on, that's a shame. And archwing is still broken.
  4. So when will you remove auto re-center while banking with railjack and fix archwing?
  5. Actually it's buggy as hell yesterday when i was playing only the owner of the ship could use it, but today anyone can use it. Actually today some A****** kept jumping with my ship.
  6. I would suggest that only owner of the ship should be able to control the navigation and rest of the team would have "leave squad" button like you have in plains and vallis to keep all your progress and rewards.
  7. It's a nice update but railjack have kind of nice flight controls but one thing is bugging me, could you make a change when you bank it does not automatically re-center itself. It makes life harder you have perfectly pointed shot and then railjack says f**k you i'm gonna twist. Also normally when you fly you bank first and then pitch up and down. Also you banking because you're preparing for a turn but right now it's hard because it re-centers. Also archwing is s**t now you can't bank or turn around with pitching up or down and that's wrong. That's where experimental flight was great because normal flight is unusable. I would like comeback of experimental flight or make similar flight to railjack for archwing. Also i don't understand why you changed flight model for archwing on ground it was great how it was and now it's awful. Again totally unusable.
  8. What the #*!% you did to archwing? Why you destroyed another thing? On Plains or Vallis it worked great i could roll and fly upside down but now i can't. Also melee is not bind to "melee attack" but "heavy melee attack" and it pisses me off. Now i can't even roll and fly upside down in space because removed "experimental mode" but why? Because it was making flight model better? I would like having "experimental mode" back and it would be even better if it enables roll and flying upside down in space, plains and vallis. You might think that it's better if it's simple but it's not, it's awful. Making the game more more for idiots is not the way you should go. There are always people who like things more challenging and more complex. And there is simple solution to it, give people option to choose don't force them on those new things they will hate you for it. There are players who are used to those old things and you destroy it. I for example still miss wallrunning and i hope it will come back, or to have option to choose between wallruning or this retarted hoping. There should be option if people want to use quick melee or that quick switch. Now there should be option for more complex controls of archwing like "experimental mode". Stop making these stupid choices it's sad what happens to this game couple of last updates. Also you killed Ember and it's sad, but that's discussion for another time.
  9. Now that you're on great path again you could bring good old quick melee back not this abomination where you lose control of your weapons. Or maybe i have better idea give us a choice in the option menu if we want "stay in your hands" melee button or "slash go back to firearm without pressing any additional button" melee button. And also choice for glaive weapons if we want throw on heavy melee attack or to hold melee button in the same style like in Dark Sector you know that the power throw is somewhere between of that circle. Last thing i want to say is today will be first time i will play with melee weapon since phase 1.
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